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The Quiet of Reading
by Claude Jones

Reading is quiet, no sound required
But reading is thrilling, to be most desired

Sounds can be written, in descriptive poetry or prose
That will vibrate eardrums, in shattering blows

Sound waves will echo, from page and from line
Words driven home, with no need to define

Loud and blasting, sometimes quiet, even faint
Sometimes filling small spaces, sometimes covering like paint

Written to be read, words explain, confuse and excite
Words tell stories, make our mind have both hearing and sight

Words to soothe and comfort, though only ink on paper dried
Words with a voice, in tune to our inter souls confide

We hear the sound of the mighty word, we hark
We are lifted within ourselves, the word creates the spark

Live on, word to be read, sing to us, loud and clear
Pulse within us, free us of all doubt and fear

Reading is quiet, no sound required
But, my being is quickened, my flame is refired

Claude talks about his poetry:

I write poetry for the pleasure of writing. Writing is my escape, often my very best friend. I read and love free verse poetry but for me to write I seemingly must write in meter and rhyme.

I was born, raised and lived all my life in Pontotoc, Mississippi. I was raised on a farm where we milked cows, raised cotton, corn, and had a peach orchard. I have worked for Pontototc Electric Power for 31 years. My wife Ann and I have two sons, both are pharmacists, and we have two grandchildren.


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