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by Judy Lee Green

            Sitting on a two-holer with my granny,
            a broom straw in her mouth,
            kicking my legs, knocking flies,
            listening to the drone of dirt daubers
            in the upper corner of the outhouse,
            thinking about Little Miss Muffet as I watched
            a spider descend from the ceiling on a thread of silk.

            Sticky with the cotton candy heat
            of a July morning I was
            inhaling barnyard odors,
            listening to chickens softly cluck
            and scratch for worms outside the door,
            hearing the creek gurgle
            down the hill behind us,
            crows caw, songbirds sing,
            my granddaddy, as he called to the mule
            in the lower forty
            as he plowed,
            feeling the rough cut
            of the sawmill board
            as my hand played
            along the edge of the seat,
            watching my granny
            fan with a Sears and Roebuck sale catalog,
            noticing light leak through
            the cracks of the walls
            and hopscotch on the floor,
            savoring the salty taste in my mouth of
            country ham and mouth-watering
            cathead biscuits and sawmill gravy
            for breakfast,
            shuddering at the bucket of corn cobs
            in the corner and dreading
            their roughness,
            smelling old maids beside the door
            and hollyhocks growing up the side,
            anticipating making hollyhock dancers
            and floating them in the creek again today.

            Sitting on a two-holer with my granny
            and wishing summer vacation would never end.

Judy Lee Green is an award-winning writer who discovered her craft at the age of nine. She has received recognition throughout the Southeast for her work in fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and essay. She has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, business publications, journals and on the web. Currently residing in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, she is compiling a collection of creative non-fiction about her childhood, growing up in East Tennessee in the 1950s.

Email Judy at JUDYLEEG.

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