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Meet Jo McDivitt and Today's Mississippi Woman!

A year or so ago, Jo McDivitt gathered 300 hats, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a passel of beloved creature comforts, and headed home to Mississippi after 34 years of leaving size 7 narrow footprints from New York to Marrakech.

McDivitt returned to Mississippi with the idea of publishing a small newspaper with good news features on the wise, witty, wonderful women in the state of Mississippi. She did that.

McDivitt’s dream has quickly become a reality. The publication is distributed in over 100 locations in more than 20 cities across the state with a home base in Hattiesburg.

Articles in Today’s Mississippi Woman run the gamut – something for everyone. Issues contain stories on people, fashions, sports, recipes, politics, music, travel, as well as decorating and much more.

And here’s a sample of McDivitt’s clever writing:

“There are scarves and shawls . . . then there are pashminas!" she writes. "One of my ultra chic friends, Jo Bracey, gave me my first pashmina. Ironically, I did not own one.

“The pashmina is the finest gift – a versatile, luxurious wrap, usually made of cashmere. I wrap my pashmina around everything from a sweater paired with old jeans and cowboy boots to a black sheath with pearls and elegant pumps. I even wore it over a nightgown and robe during a particularly chilly evening.

“Pashmina, often called the soft gold of high Asia, is a delicate, warm wool found in the Himalayas, 14,000 feet above sea level. It comes from the underbelly of the Capra Hircus goat. Fear not, the goats are unharmed since pashmina is collected after they shed naturally.

“Proudly and snugly wrapped in my fancy pashmina shawl, I entered Bobby Joe’s Country Store (it has no sign or telephone) in Arkansas recently for a home-style lunch. The day’s specials were fresh turtle meat and/or fried bologna sandwiches.

“The friendly lady behind the counter, surrounded by deviled eggs, hoop cheese and a barrel of pickles, said, 'Hon, aren’t you cold out there with just that army blanket wrapped around you?'

“She proceeded to hurriedly fry a bologna sandwich for me and presented it, saying, 'This is on the house today. I know you need it in that blanket.'

“For all of those who know how much I enjoy talking – I was temporarily speechless.

“You might say, she really got my goat.”


E-mail Jo: todaysmswoman@comcast.net

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To subscribe to Today's Mississippi Woman, send $36 (for 12 issues) to
TMW / P. O. Box 15343 / Hattiesburg, MS 39404.

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