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TWO POEMS by Tasha Mitchell


They call me Mahogany.
Some refer to me as a deep brown,
but I am more than just a color.
I am a grandmother’s antique cradle,
the first place her newborn grandson laid his head to rest.
On a warm, wet spring day, I am soft Georgia clay
seeping into the earth’s tender soil.
I am the worn outer layer of a run-down barn
nestled deeply in the woods of a family farm.
Some women see me as a hope chest
storing cherished treasures and trinkets
that may one day be revealed, and passed on to future generations.
While others use me to describe
the rich color of their smooth skin.
I can be found in the articulate cabinetry
of sprawling southern plantations
where many have placed fine china throughout the years.
Or in a bold frame that secures
your favorite photograph of loved ones
taken at the last family reunion.
I am sweet molasses, bubbling from the top
of homemade cookies right out of the oven,
tempting you on a cold winter day.
And if you look real close, you can sometimes see me
in the soft eyes of your trusted pet.
As you look around this world,
I am found in many different places,
and viewed in many different ways.
I am where old memories meet with new beginnings.


Awakening of Autumn

As I make my way up the steep mountain,
I gasp at the magnificent landscape ahead;
Fall has arrived.
Autumn leaves are flaunting their striking colors.
Shades of scarlet, ginger, and gold
compliment the Lifesavers melting in
the chubby hand of my young son.
Robust winds propel showers
of wilted leaves across my windshield
as a reminder that their time has expired.
Slowly, their beauty will fade and wither away.
Trees will stand bare and unadorned until spring,
when the rebirth of life will flow through the veins of each branch,
and new foliage makes their debut.
Twisting and turning down the narrow country road,
I glance into my rear view mirror for one last glimpse of flawless scenery.


Tasha writes: “I was born and raised in South Carolina and currently live in Northwest Georgia with my husband and five year old son. During the day, I am a full time student pursuing a Nursing degree, but when I have a spare moment, I enjoy writing poetry and short stories.”

Write Tasha at this address: tashakmitchell@yahoo.com

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