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by Dana Sieben

            The southern pines stand at watch and they wait,
            Above the water where fireflies mate,
            Above a quarry where deep currents surge,
            From the tall pines the intruders emerged.
            One man, one woman on the cliff's high ledge,
            Once clothed, now naked, they stood on the edge,
            Leaving their clothes and their shoes in a heap,
            While the shining full moon gazed as they leaped.
            Laughing gaily, into the water they fell,
            Eager for love they both gave out a yell.
            Their bodies fell through the night air with grace
            Alive, free, a smile alighted each face.
            They swam and floated in a quarry deep
            While the dark countryside lay fast asleep.
            New lovers caressed by the evening’s soft mist,
            And only the stars witnessed their kiss.


Dana is currently residing in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and two children. She writes about her family, her Southern heritage, and her new life up north with a bit of humor and nostalgia.

In addition to being a member of various writing forums, Dana has also been published in USA Deep South, Long Story Short and Muscadine Lines – A Southern Journal. She is a member of SouthernHumorists.com and a contributing writer to Dew on the Kudzu, a Southern web journal, and Weight-LossArticles.com.

Dana can be reached at Bama Alum or at her blog, southerngalgoesnorth.blogspot.com. You may also sign up for her weekly newsletter, appropriately called "Southern Gal Goes North," by clicking here.


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