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Fear of Spiders
by John Cother

ISBN: 1-933016-27-2

What if it were the summer of 1965, you were fourteen, your father abandoned your family and your mother drank herself to death? What if during this one crazy summer you fell wildly in love with a girl?

From their tiny Mississippi hometown to the mountains of North Carolina, JT and his sister, Lesi, begin a series of adventures, sometimes hilarious and other times frightening—and JT falls in love, but not before their lives take a dangerous and harrowing turn when brother and sister are attacked and seriously injured by an intruder when their aunt leaves them alone for a night to return to her job as a nurse.

On the journey to understanding their deceased mother and to finding the father who abandoned them, JT and Lesi discover much more—they find themselves and a new life in the process—and celebrate the miracle called the human spirit.

John E. Cother, another fine Mississippi writer, earned Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees in Education and spent his next 33 years as an elementary and junior high school principal. His comprehensive experience working with children offered Mr. Cother rare insight into the resiliency of teens and served as the backdrop for his novel.


John E. Cother
Behler Publications
Lake Forest, California (2005)

Read to be entertained, read to be moved, and read to thrill to the uniquely captivating story of a young boy’s move to manhood over the course of one very difficult and yet triumphant summer. Mr. Cother has so artfully portrayed young, endearing J.T. that I have to agree “he is a heartbreaker” and mine is gone to him. The scene is gritty Southern, Elvis’s Tupelo, in the summer of new Rock n’ Roll, the Beatles, Beach Boys and short shorts, perfect for those who will remember . . . and required reading for those who don’t. Highly Recommended - C J Morace, author of COCODRIE and APPLACHIA


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