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Book Review by Augusta R. Scattergood

SNIPPETS by Beth Boswell Jacks
(Cork Hill Press, 2004)

Gather around, all you self-conscious Southern women who need to wear just a little bit of lipstick to run to the grocery store. Listen up, all you movie star wannabes. Afraid to tackle the expert ski slopes? Trying to overcome your fear of horses bucking you down that dizzying drop off a mountain?

Beth Jacks has been there, done that, and lives to write about it.

Having marched with the Sweet Potato Queens, grandmothered a passel of vivacious and inquisitive youngsters (at least one of whom thinks she’s a Goddess), and squired her mama around Paris, this newspaper columnist and USA DeepSouth editor tells it like it is. In this collection of essays, Beth shares her heartfelt stories and walks us down Memory Lane.

Although Snippets takes us back to the days of WLAC Radio, Pete’s Platter Party, sock hops, and 1954 Schwinn Red Phantoms, there’s more to the book than mere reminiscing. Her trademark humor and poignant glimpses at everyday happenings make this a perfect gift for friends and family who’ve moved too far from home to enjoy Beth’s weekly newspaper column. Weddings, Thanksgiving dinners, recaptured photographs -- our favorite editor shares her own take on most slices of life.

Yes, she’s Southern all right (there’s even an “XYZ of Speaking Southern” appended). But Beth Jacks’ essays are for everyone. Put a copy of Snippets next to your guest room bed for when those Yankees come to visit, tuck one into your college student’s Care Package, buy an extra one for yourself. Then take a lesson from Beth: Pitch out those high heels, brush on a bit of rouge, and get your favorite cousin on the telephone. After reading Jacks’ book, you’ll be inspired to share a story or two of your own.


Gusty Russel Scattergood, a native Mississippi Deltan, is a retired librarian. Read more of her book reviews at USADEEPSOUTH by clicking here: USADS BOOKS


To get more information or order a copy of SNIPPETS, CLICK HERE.

Watch for SNIPPETS II -- set for release in May, '06!

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