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Two Poems
by Sandi Keaton-Wilson

          A DYIN’ SHAME

          It beats all I ever seen!
          Anymore it requires
          a license to live –
          You got to pay to hunt,
          to fish, to drive, to sell,
          to marry, to work in town,
          Even pay for spring water
          and air! Hell. With the cost
          of everything a-risin,’ I’ll have
          to put a down payment on my
          burial plot – sorta gives new meanin’
          to a “lay away” plan.



          Her voice was a poem,
          a licked-up drop of honey poem –
          the rhythm and aroma of rain
          on magnolias. Her breath is the breeze
          made by the rustle of the skirts of a
          Mississippi mansion owner’s daughter
          as she floats by like wind on the water.
          She’s warm and moist like the sap and sweat
          of some nanny wet nurse. Soft as cotton,
          low as swamplands, her voice is a poem,
          a licked-up drop of honey poem.
          She’s Delta, the dearest desire of the South.

          * unrevised version published in Bloodroot Journal

About Sandi Keaton-Wilson

Sandi Keaton-Wilson, of Somerset, Kentucky, is a writer of prose, poetry and plays. Her work has been published in more than fifty places including: POETRY AS PRAYER: Appalachian Women Speak, TELLING STORIES: Fiction by Kentucky Feminists, Writers Journal, Ideals, Appalachian Heritage, Journal of Kentucky Studies, and many others. She enjoys traveling to do dramatic readings of her writings in an attempt to preserve the rich dialect and tradition of her beloved region. Read more of her award winning poems HERE.

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