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~~Sing A Song~~
Memories of a Father

by Dean Sparks

Being the father of four daughters makes my life very interesting.The fact that my oldest is only eleven months older than the triplets makes my life very entertaining as well.

When the triplets were about two and Sela was three, I began telling special stories right before bedtime.I created a whole new imaginary world that always began with “Once upon a time there were four BEEEAAAUUTIFUL Princesses who lived in a Great Big Castle!”

During the course of our mythical adventures they all received magical ponies. A year later, the ponies grew into Unicorns--but only after they sang a special song. Being an old fan of Karen Carpenter, I taught them one of her simple songs, “Sing a Song.”

I am sure you know the words, “Singggg, sing a song. Sing out loud. Sing out long.” It was very precious to hear them all sing this song with their sweet four and five year old voices.

We were on our way to go out to eat supper the other night and I had the radio on.To my surprise the station played The Carpenters singing our special song. Since it had been a while back when they learned that song, I was delighted that the girls all remembered the words and began singing at the top of their voices.

Being a dutiful father, I try never to laugh at my children, but by the second verse, the tears began flowing from my eyes and it was becoming difficult to breath because I had to hold my breath.I quickly pulled into a parking lot and had no choice but to laugh. And I don’t mean a little laugh.I mean a truck shaking, guffawing laugh that can’t simply be quelled even when all four daughters simultaneously yell out “DAAAADDY!”

That just made it worse, for you see my daughters are no longer three and four. My oldest is eight and her two front teeth are just now growing in, and the triplets have all lost at least one of their front teeth in the last two months. So having four girls singing at the top of their lungs “Thingggg, thing a thong. Thing out loud. Thing out long”--it was just more than I could take.

I asked their forgiveness and then we all started laughing and finally made it to supper.


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