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          Southern Verse

          by Claude Jones

          Are quilts alive? They have personality, I know
          Some are plain and covered, some left out to show

          Quilts have a purpose, to warm both young and old
          Some are plain and quiet, some are bright and bold

          Quilts are made by loving hands, each stitch a sweet, sweet kiss
          Quilts seem everlasting, reminding us of those we remember and miss

          Quilts, though made of scraps, are invaluable, priceless, as if made of pure bright gold
          Quilts transmit care and concern; they drive out fear and cold

          Quilts patched to make a picture, so pleasing to the eye
          Reflect the personality of the quilter, we stop and softly cry

          We sometimes see a quilt, with patches randomly placed
          We turn it 'round and 'round, not knowing which way it faced

          And it too holds beauty, for us to search and see
          We can devise in our own minds, whatever we want it to be

          Quilts carry such comfort, as we face the dark of night
          Quilts drive out fear and sounds, make the world seem calm and right

          Quilts made of pieces, bring to us real peace
          Quilts help close our eyes and great memories release

          Quilts are not alive, I guess
          But quilts are not dead, they warm our hearts and bless


Claude Jones writes:
"Writing is my escape . . . I was born, raised and lived all my life in Pontotoc, Mississippi. I was raised on a farm where we milked cows, raised cotton, corn, and had a peach orchard. I have worked for Pontototc Electric Power for 31 years. My wife Ann and I have two sons, both are pharmacists, and we have two grandchildren."


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