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by PJ

A Path Well-Chosen

Here is the place of my dreams
'Tis well you should come
Dream with me



Delta Morning
Blue in the Sky
Like the Painter took a drop of Cerulean
Mixed it in the softest clouds and spread it
Thinly and smoothly
Across the Western Horizon
(Cerulean-sounds good, but what do I know about color names
I choose by sight)
I feel I want to fly into That
Like the young Superman did on Wednesday Night
For the first time
If it can be done Cybernetically
I should be able to do it Kinetically
My Grandsons are oft half-convinced
That they can fly-given a right mind
I would never encourage in them
That I did not myself believe
Woud [MD] that we shoud [MD] never lose
The childlike wonder of
"What's a Little Piggie"
pj-2004 [MD means My Dictionary]

Paul Jones, lovingly called PJ by all who know him, is a musician and computer techie. He's sought after by friends who value his companionship not only for his expertise in zapping 'puter bugs and viruses but also for his delightful conversation and hugs. PJ has lived in the Mississippi Delta since young adulthood and has enriched the lives of many students and pals. Now he's added poetry to his list of accomplishments . . . and we thank him for sharing with USADS readers.

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