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New Orleans Ambiance

Beignets and coffee...streetcars and boats,
Mardi Gras madness...calliope notes,
Bohemian artists...street mimes and jugglers,
Stories of river ghosts, pirates and smugglers,
Soulful music from a street corner horn,
The fact that this is where jazz was first born,
Fresh produce and trinkets from French Market vendors,
Shotguns, camelbacks, St. Charles Avenue splendors,
Wrought iron and gingerbread, houses so quaint,
Sports in the Superdome...pulling for the Saints,
Audubon Zoo...a white tiger and gators,
"Where y'at?" Ninth Warders, second line paraders,
Creole dishes...food "extraordinare,"
Charming people you can't match anywhere,
Even the weather -- quite balmy and hot --
Make New Orleans..."The City That Care Forgot!"


It's Called Acadiana

When in Louisiana, there’s a place that you must go.
It’s called Acadiana – where the Cajuns are, you know.
It’s filled with unique people...all with a story to tell.
You should listen very closely, “cause they spin a yarn so well.”
They speak of family closeness and traditions they hold dear.
They just might talk in Cajun French ... a treat you’ll want to hear.
Their food is hot and spicy...jambalaya, etouffe’.
Crawfish, seafood gumbo...all cooked the Cajun way.
Their music is quite different – Chank-a-Chank and Zydeco...
Watching the Cajun Two-Step makes you want to tap your toe!
You’ve just been told a little ‘bout the way things are down there.
These words don’t do it justice...it’s simply beyond compare!
So when in Louisiana, there’s a place that you must go.
It’s called Acadiana – where the Cajuns are, you know.

Copyright Nita Risher McGlawn, 1989

Nita Risher McGlawn, a visual artist specializing in graphics, watercolor, and collage, currently lives in Katy, Texas, with her husband and three cats. Her oldest son, Joseph, also lives in Katy and is pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams. Her youngest son, Nicholas, will soon graduate from her alma mater, the University of Alabama.

Nita has lived in Sumatra and Jakarta, Indonesia and in Muscat, Oman, where she edited newsletters and other publications for expatriate organizations including the American Women’s Association and American Women’s Group. She has taught children’s art globally. Her current quest is to paint and exhibit in the Houston, Texas, area. She belongs to the Houston Women’s Caucus for Art and the Watercolor Art Society - Houston. Most recently her work exhibited in Muscat, Oman.

Writing and reading about the South has always been a passion for Nita, having been born in Alabama and raised in South Arkansas. After marrying her husband, Blane, they settled in South Louisiana for more than 20 years. Nita was naturally drawn to observing the wonderful culture in the area and wrote several poems about the subject. It’s Called Acadiana and New Orleans’ Ambiance are two of her best known pieces. You can contact Nita at nitarmc@hotmail.com.


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