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Double Names from the U.S. Deep South


"Southern names are so beautiful," wrote a USADEEPSOUTH reader to editor, Beth Jacks. This comment set Jacks to "collecting."

Southerners have long been noted for their use of double names and family names. Presently, there appears to be a trend toward using a time-honored, classic name for girls like "Mary" or "Anna" or "Jane," combining that name with a family name.

For example, if you have a beloved brother or father or friend named "Michael," you might name your baby girl "Mary Michael," calling her by both names. Or perhaps there's a pretty family name like "Scott" or "Crawford" or "Hardy" that you could use, e.g. "Anna Scott," "Mary Crawford," or "Jane Hardy."

This type of double name gives your daughter a unique but traditional sounding name; the child is not likely to have another "Mary Crawford" in her kindergarten class.

A similar naming style may be used with boys, linking classic names like "John" or "Joe" or "Lloyd," as in "John Baxter," "Joe Abbott," or "Lloyd Eades." The possibilities are endless -- and the names are both beautiful and special.

Many double names are included in the following list that Ye Editor compiled during the past few months. Got any to add? Please write us at YE EDITOR'S ADDRESS.

We'll continue to add to this list. Check back often, y'hear?


Abbye Reece
Abby Gail
Abby Lynne
Ada Carol
Ada Mae
Addie Beth
Addie Lou
Addie Lyn
Addie Rose
Agnes Anne
Alcie Lynn
Alice Ann
Alice Lee
Allie Beth
Allie Dee
Allie Kat
Allie Kate
Allie Mae
Allison Ann
Alma Dee
Alma Grace
Alma Sue
Alta Mae
Alva Grace
Alyce Ann
Amanda Jayne
Amanda Leigh
Amanda Scott
Amelia Kate
Ammie Opaline
Amy Lou
Amy Lynn
Amy Sue
Angela Gaye
Anna Beth
Anna Brock
Anna Byrd
Anna Catherine
Anna Claire
Anna Grace
Anna Grayden
Anna Kate
Anna Katherine
Anna Lane
Anna Laura
Anna Louise
Anna Lynn
Anna Mae
Anna Margaret
Anna Rice
Anna Ruth
Anna Scott
Anna Sofia
Ann Beck
Ann Carol
Ann Carter
Ann Claire
Ann Clark
Ann Corinne
Ann Dow
Anne Craig
Anne Harrell
Anne Harrison
Anne Howard
Ann Elizabeth
Anne Taylor
Ann Forrest
Ann Gray
Ann Hayden
Ann Hunter
Annie Bess
Annie Blanche
Annie Burns
Annie Clyde
Annie Earl
Annie Fitz
Annie Jane
Annie Kate
Annie Lloyd
Annie Lois
Annie Love
Annie Mac
Annie Pearl
Annie Rose
Ann Kirk
Ann Marie
Ann Morrow
Ann Riley
Ann Thomas
Ann Turner
Ann Wallace
Archie Lee
Archie Ray
Arthur Owen
Ashley Anne
Ashton Leigh

Barbara Ann
Barbara Ellen
Barbara Kay
Barbara Lynn
Becky Lee
Becky Lou
Ben Ed
Bennie Lee
Bennie Lou
Ben Townes
Ben Ward
Bertie Mae
Bessie Bell
Bessie Jo
Bessie Mae
Bessie Margaret
Bessie Vea
Beth Anne
Betsy Ann
Betsy Kathryn
Bettie Bee
Bettie Claire
Bettie Mae
Betty Ann
Betty Carol
Betty Grace
Betty Helen
Betty Jack
Betty Jean
Betty Jo
Betty Kate
Betty Lane
Betty Lou
Betty Lyle
Betty Lynn
Betty Mac
Betty Wade
Beverly Ann
Biddie Lynn
Billie Beth
Billie Brooks
Billie Dean
Billie Dove
Billie Jean
Billie JoAnn
Billie Joyce
Billie Lou
Billie Rhea
Billie Ruth
Billie Sue
Billy Bob
Billy Charles
Billy Don
Billy Ed
Billy Frank
Billy Harold
Billy Hugh
Billy Joe
Billy Mack
Billy Ray
Billy Rex
Billy Wade
Billy Wayne
Birdie Mae
Birdie Sue
Birdy Lou
Blue Belle
Bobbie Ann
Bobbie Dean
Bobbie Jean
Bobbie Jo
Bobbie Lou
Bobby Jack
Bo James
Bonnie Beth
Bonnie Blanch
Bonnie Jean
Bonnie Jewell
Bonnie Kate
Bonnie Lynn
Bonnie Sue
Brenda Ann
Brenda Carol
Brett Cooper
Brooke Marie
Brownie Lee
Burlie Jean

Callie Anne
Cami Len
Cara Lee
Caree Jo
Carla Ruth
Carley Lane
Carlie Beth
Carlie Sue
Carl Lee
Carol Ann
Carol Gaye
Carol Jean
Carol Kaye
Carrie Ann
Carrie Birchett
Carrie Ida
Cathy Lee
Cathy Sue
Cecelia Ann
Celia Ann
Challie Ann
Charles Alan
Charles Edgar
Charles Lee
Charles Ray
Charles Robert
Charlie Beth
Charlie Clyde
Charlie Morgan
Charlie Sue
Charlsie Rae
Chauncey Lee
Clara Belle
Clara Dale
Clemmie Nell
Cody Anne
Cody Mack
Connely Louise
Connie Dee
Connie Mac
Connie Ray
Connie Sue
Cora Beth
Cordelia Ann
Cordie Fay

Daisy Lynn
Dana Lee
Dana Lynn
Dana Sue
Dan Michael
Dan Richard
David Earl
David Ryan
David Wayne
Davii Jo
Delia Ann
Della Kate
Delta Dawn
Delta Lyn
Dessie Ree
Dickie Ray
Dinah Lee
Dinah Pearl
Dixie Dawn
Dixie Lee
Dixie Rose
Dollie Faye
Dolly Jo
Dolly Sue
Donald Ray
Don Allan
Don Michael
Donna Bess
Donna Carol
Donna Kay
Donna Leigh
Donna Sue
Don Ray
Don Rex
Dorothy Duncan
Dorothy Jean
Dosie Lee
Dottie Carol
Dottie Fay
Dover Jim
Dovey Jean
Doyle Ray
Doyle Rex

Earlie Mae
Eddie Mae
Eddie Ray
Eddie Wayne
Edd Preston
Edie May
Edna Earl
Edna Lee
Edna Lucy
Eleanor Ann
Elizabeth Ann
Eliza Jane
Ella Kate
Ellia Mae
Ellie Mae
Elsie Anne
Elsie Lynn
Elsie Marie
Elva Lee
Elva Ruth
Elvis Earl
Emma Carol
Emma Claire
Emma Dale
Emma Grace
Emma Joy
Emma Kate
Emma Katherine
Emma Lee
Emilee Jane
Erie Lee
Ernie Faye
Eryn Lynn
Esta Frank
Esta Lee
Ethel Gail
Etta May
Eula Christine
Euna Mae
Eva Ann
Eva Claire
Eva Lee
Eva Nell
Eva Scott
Evelyn Jean
Evie Mae

Fannie Lou
Fannie Mae
Faye Anne
Faye Dell
Fleda Rose
Fleeta Ray
Ford Allen
Frances Bell
Frank Alan
Frank Dalton
Fred Allen
Freddie B.
Freddie Joe
Freddie Lou
Freddie Mae

Gala Jean
Gary Wayne
Geneva Jo
George Aden
George Ann
George Henry
Georgia Carol
Georgia Claire
Georgia Lee
Georgia Love
Georgia Mignon
Georgia Ray
Geri Lea
Gerry Ann
Gertie Frances
Ginger Lee
Glenny Bee
Gloria Jayne
Gloria Jean
Glory Jean
Grace Ann
Grace Helen
Gracie Lee
Grady Ben
Gregory Anne
Guff Alan

Hallie Grace
Hardy Sligh
Hattie Ella
Hattie Frank
Hattie Ruth
Hannah Lane
Harry Mack
Helen Fay
Helen Rae
Henri Gail
Henry Alan
Hettie Bell
Hilda Harlan
Hilda Jane
Holly Anne
Holly Beth

Ida Bell
Ida Claire
Ida Faye
Ida Lee
Ida Lou
Ida Mae
Ida Pearl
Ida Virginia
Ida Willie
Illah Rae
Ina Claire
Ina Faye
Ina Jean
Ina Mae
Ina Rene
Inda Gail
Inna May
Ira Dale
Ira Dean
Irma Lee
Iva Mae
Ivory Jean
Ivy Lou

Jack Berk
Jack David
Jack Floyd
Jack William
James Carl
James Donald
James Ed
James Edward
James Russell
Jamie Lauren
Jan Carol
Jancy Jane
Jane Adair
Jane Alice
Jane Carol
Jane Ellen
Jane Hardy
Jan Margaret
Jean Marie
Jeannie Lee
Jena Lynn
Jennie Mae
Jennie Vee
Jenny Leah
Jenny Rose
Jeri Beth
Jeri Lynne
Jessie Dell
Jessie Kate
Jessie Lee
Jessie Mac
Jessie Pearl
Jettie Karl
Jim Bob
Jim Ed
Jim Hunter
Jim Lee
Jimmie Nell
Jimmie Tate
Jimmy Dale
Jo Allen
Joe Barton
Joe Ben
Jo Carol
Joe Bill
Joe Clay
Joe David
Joe Don
Joe Ed
Joe Frank
Joe Howard
Joe Jim
Joe Lee
Jo Ella
Jo Ellen
Joe Max
Joe Mims
Joe Nathan
Joe Oliver
Joe Rice
Joe Sam
Joe Stone
Joe Tom
Jo Evelyn
Joe Walter
Joe Wayne
Joe Wood
John Andrew
John Avery
John B.
John Calvin
John Covey
John Dale
John David
John Ed
John Fair
John Goodwin
John Harvey
John Hope
John Hunter
John Louis
John Mark
John Michael
John Morgan
John Moss
John Murray
Johnny Guy
Johnny Mack
John Park
John Parker
John Paul
John Perry
John Preston
John Robert
John Roland
John Ross
John Sydney
John Teal
John Thomas
John Travis
John Turner
John Wallace
John Ward
John Wesley
John White
John William
John Willis
John Wilson
Jo Lynne
Jo Margaret
Jon Cameron
Jon Dudley
Jon Eric
Jon Franklin
Jo Nita
Jon Logan
Jon Paul
Jon Rhodes
Jon Stanley
Jon Thomas
Josie Webb
Joy Lynn
Julia Carol
Julia Fane
Julia Mae
Julia Rose
Julia Ruth

Kathy Sue
Katie Claire
Kenny Allen
Kenny Ray
Katie Bell
Katie Grace
Katurah Jo (Katy Jo)
Kay Ann
Kay Lynn
King Edward
King Nathaniel
Kitty Lou

Lacy Jane
Lacy Leigh
Lady Bird
Ladye Love
Lady Jane
Lady June
Lady Katherine
Lady Margaret
Lara Lee
Laura Bess
Laura Beth
Laura Jane
Laura Kathryn
Laura Lee
Laurel Kate
Lauren Ashley
Lauren Page
Laurie Elizabeth
Laurie Lou
Lee Bertha
Lee Calvin
Lee Davis
Lee Hunter
Lee Vincent
Leigh Ann
Lela Ruth
Lelia Lyle
Lena Bell
Lena Mae
Lena Maude
Lewis Paul
Lex Hall
Lexie Gene
Lida Belle
Lila Lee
Lilla Bell
Lillie Bethel
Lillie Dell
Lily Margaret
Linda Faye
Linda Gail
Linda Lou
Lindsey Jo
Little Bun
Lizzie Bee
Lizzie Ruth
Lola Bert
Lola Beth
Lola Rose
Lola Ruth
Lona Bell
Lon Davis
Lonnie Allen
Lonnye Sue
Lora Belle
Lottie Bee
Lottie Rose
Lou Alice
Lou Ella
Lou Ethel
Lou Frances
Lou Ollie
Lucie Ross
Lucy Leigh
Lucy Love
Lucy Webb
Ludie Bell
Ludie Mae
Lue Erma
Lue Hazel
Lue Ola
Lula May
Luna Lee

Macey Taylor
Mack Allen
Mae Drew
Mae Ruth
Maggie Bea
Maggie Mae
Maggie Rose
Mamie Lee
Marcia Kay
Margie Merle
Mari Hope
Mari Lampton
Mari Maude
Mari Vi
Mari Violet
Martha Ann
Martha Ellen
Martha Jon
Martha Lee
Martha Mills
Marva Jean
Mary Addison
Mary Alice
Mary Ann
Mary Austin
Mary Aven
Mary Belle
Mary Blake
Mary Bob
Mary Butler
Mary Brooks
Mary Carl
Mary Carlyle
Mary Caroline
Mary Catherine
Mary Cecil
Mary Chandler
Mary Charles
Mary Christan
Mary Claire
Mary Clay
Mary Cleo
Mary Cullen
Mary Dabney
Mary Don
Mary Elise
Mary Ella
Mary Ellen
Mary Fish
Mary Ford
Mary Frances
Mary Garner
Mary Glenn
Mary Grace
Mary Greg
Mary Harriett
Mary Harris
Mary Hart
Mary Helen
Mary Inez
Mary James
Mary Jane
Mary Jewel
Mary Jim
Mary Jo
Mary John
Mary Katherine
Mary Keith
Mary Laird
Mary Lane
Mary Laura
Mary Lee
Mary Louise
Mary Love
Mary Lucille
Mary Lucy
Mary Lula
Mary Mac
Mary Mallen
Mary Margaret
Mary Martha
Mary Michael
Mary Michie
Mary Morgan
Mary Norman
Mary Ouida
Mary Parker
Mary Pat
Mary Payne
Mary Payton
Mary Retta
Mary Roger
Mary Street
Mary Sue
Mary Taylor
Mary Tom
Mary Virginia
Mary Walta
Mary Will
Mattie Blair
Mattie Lou
Mattie Mae
Mattie Ruth
Mattie Sue
Max Everett
Melissa Ray
Melva Jean
Merrie Lark
Miles Ray
Mina Ruth
Minnie May
Minnie Mearl
Minnie Pearl
Minnie Vee
Miss Miller
Missy Rhee
Molly Kate
Molly Katherine
Molly Margaret
Myra Ann

Nana Ruth
Nanci Beth
Nancy Clare
Nancy Ellen
Nancy Helen
Nancy Kay
Ned Allen
Neesy Lyn
Neily Ann
Nella Dean
Nella Ree
Nellie June
Nettie Ellen
Nina Claire
Nina Faye
Nina Gail
Nina Mae
Nina Margaret
Nita Faye
Nola Mae
Nona Lee
Nora Belle
Nora Cate

Odie Lee
Odie Ray
Odis Lee
Odis Ray
Oley Bea[trice]
Oley Nell
Olive Ann
Olivia Ann
Olivia Faye
Olivia Jane
Olla Katherine
Ollie Bell
Ollie Beth
Ollie Carol
Ollie Grace
Ollie Mae
Ollie Ruth
Oma Carol
Oma Dean
Oma Dell
Oma Leigh
Ommie Jane
Onnie Mae
Opal Ann
Oppie Ann
Ora Beth
Ora Dell
Ora Katherine
Ora Love
Ora Lynn
Ora Mae
Orie Leigh
Osa Lane
Osa Lee
Osa Lynn
Oscar Lee
Oscar Neil
Oscar Ray
Osie Lee
Ota Lee
Otha Wayne
Ottie Lee
Ottie Wayne
Ouida Jane
Ouida Jo
Ouida Lee
Ouida Lynn
Ouida Sue
Oveta Leigh
Ozzie Lee

Pamela Anne
Pamela Lyn
Pamela Margaret
Pammie Lee
Pandora Sue
Pansy Lee
Pansy Ruth
Pansy Sue
Parie Lee
Paris Rondol
Patricia Ann
Patricia Faye
Patricia Lou
Patricia Sue
Patsy Jane
Patsy Lee
Patsy Lynn
Patsy Maude
Pattie Ellen
Pattie Lane
Pattie Lou
Pattie Lynn
Patti Sue
Patty Mack
Patty Mae
Patty Margaret
Paul Abbott
Paul Adam
Paul Allen
Paul David
Paul Day
Paul Ed
Paul Edgar
Paul Edward
Paul Franklin
Paul Ott
Paul Robert
Paul Vernon
Peggy Fran
Peggy Kate
Peggy Lee
Peggy Lou
Peggy Sue
Penn Alan
Peter Mack
Phoebe Anne
Phoebe Lynn
Polly Ann
Polly Kate
Polly Mae
Polly Sue
Posey Lynn
Presley Anne
Prissy Lou

Qarla Elizabeth
Queen Anne
Queen Esther
Quinton Lee
Quitta Mae

Raina Collette
Ray Ellis
Ray Nelda
Rea Nita
Reba Dean
Reba Sue
Rebecca Anne
Rebecca Jane
Rebecca Jean
Rebecca Leigh
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Sue
Rena Lee
Rena Mae
Retha Ann
Retta Jean
Retta Jo
Retta Lee
Rex Alan
Rex Lee
Rhetta Lee
Rhetta Lou
Rilda Ann
Riley Ann
Riley Grace
Riley Jean
Riley Kathryn
Riley Margaret
Rita Ann
Rita Lee
Rita Lynn
Rita Mae
Rob Alan
Robbie Ann
Robbie Kay
Robbie Lee
Robbie Lue
Robbie Lynne
Robert Ann
Robert Earl
Robert Lee
Robert Lester
Roger Earl
Roger Keith
Roger Mac
Roma Dean
Roma Jean
Roma Lynn
Roma Mae
Ronald Dean
Ron Hardy
Ronna Gail
Ronna Lee
Ronna Sue
Ronni Gayle
Rori Allen
Rori Lyn
Rori Sue
Rosa Lee
Rosa Sharon
Rose Anna
Rose Marie
Roxie Lee
Roxie Nan
Roy Alan
Roy Donald
Roy Lee
Roy Leslie
Ruby Dee
Rubye Faye
Ruby Jean
Ruby Lee
Ruby Nell
Ruth Ann
Ruth Ella
Ruth Ellen
Ruthie Lee
Ruthie Lynn

Sadie Bee
Sadie Belle
Sadie Craig
Sadie Katherine
Sadie Lee
Sadie Mae
Sadie Margaret
Sadie Marie
Sallie Belle
Sally Beth
Sally Jo
Sally Kate
Sally Kay
Sally Kirk
Sammie Joe
Sammie Lou
Sammie Sue
Sandie Lee
Sandra Kay
Sara Adams
Sara Barry
Sara Bess
Sara Bonney
Sara Claire
Sara Frances
Sara Grace
Sarah Kaye
Sara Howard
Sarah Sue
Sara Jane
Sara Jean
Sara Katherine
Sara Lauren
Sara Lee
Sara Love
Sara Margaret
Sara Neal
Sara Nell
Sara Whalen
Sharon Kaye
Shelby Jean
Shelby Lynn
Sherry Lynne
Sheryl Lynn
Sir Lester
Sittie Mae
Sophie Ellen
Sophie Georgia
Sophie Margaret
Stana Vee
Stella Jane
Steven Lee
Sudie Kay
Sudie May
Sue Ellen
Susan Dora
Susan Elizabeth
Susie Beth
Susie Dean
Susie Lee
Susie Morris

Talley Kate
Tammy Faye
Tammy Lee
Tandi Jo
Temple Lynne
Tennie Anne
Tennie Lee
Teresa Ann
Terri Lynn
Terri Sue
Terry Lee
Terry Mack
T. George
Tillie Ree
T. Max
Tom Lee
Tommie Jean
Tommie Lou
Tommie Nell
Tommie Ree
Tommy Dale
Tommye Sue
Tommy Lee
Toni Gail
Toni Lynne
Tony Joe
Tori Gayle
Toxey Lee
Toxie Hall
Tricia Anne
Tricia Lee
Tricia Lynn
Tracey Lee
Tracy Bird
Tracy Lyn
Tressa Gail
Troy Allen
Tucker Wayne
Twila Beth
Twila Fay
Tyler Ralph

Ula Mae
Ulles Lee

Val Eades
Van Allen
Vaughan Lee
Velva Mae
Verna Claire
Verna Lee
Verna Lucille
Vicki Lee
Vicki Lynn
Vi Ellen
Virgie Lou
Virgie Mae
Virgil Dale
Virginia Alice
Virginia Anne
Virginia Leigh
Virginia Ruth
Virginia Sue
Vonnie Mack

Walter Craig
Walter Potts
Wanda Dell
Wanda Sue
Wanna Lu
Wanna May
Wavie Lee
Way Dell
Wendy Lynn
Wesley Ann
Willa Dean
Willa Jean
Willa Nan
Willa Rae
Will Bates
Will Brock
Will Ester
Will Green
William David
William Earl
William Ed
Willie Carr
Willie Catherine
Willie Dean
Willie Dee
Willie Jay
Willie Mae
Willie Pearl
Willie Ray
Willie Ross
Willie Ruth
Willie Sue
Will Tom
Willy Earl
Winnie Len


Yancy Margaret
Yannie Sue
Yettie Lee

Zach Alan
Zack Ruff
Zadie Elna
Zadie Kaye
Zadie Mae
Zaidee Lynn
Zella May
Zena Pearl
Zennie Mae
Zettie Lee
Zilla Ruth
Zippornia Lee
Zula Mae
Zura Beth

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