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Morgan Freeman Adds To Weekend Festivities
by Tom Givens

I practiced law in Clarksdale, Mississippi, with the firm of Brewer, Brewer and Luckett. The Brewers were long gone, and William O. Luckett, Sr., was the main man.

I left the firm and drifted off into other endeavors. I became an Administrative Judge with the Mississippi Worker's Compensation Commission, then an Administrative Law Judge with the Office of Hearings and Appeals, Social Security Administration, where I am now and shortly will not be, due to retirement.

As I have said before, I own a home in Oxford, Mississippi, and try to get down there as much as possible. In spite of my affection for Ole Miss, I am a graduate of Delta State University and must share that.

I have managed to make the last three homecomings at Delta State, including the one celebrating DSUís 75th anniversary. It is always a delight to go home, and in spite of what some say (that you can never go home again) I do it all the time.

As usual, I have made a short story long.

Recently, I attended the 2003 Delta State Homecoming. The class of '59 is sort of a close knit group, and I sent out a general E-mail suggesting we get together at Madidiís in Clarksale, the restaurant owned jointly by Bill Luckett, Jr., the son of my old boss, and Morgan Freeman.

Well, for a number of reasons, the Madidi dinner fizzled out. Some of the bunch opted for the local Cleveland Airport Grocery; nobody else wanted to make the 40 mile trek up Highway 61 to Clarksdale.

Only four of us stuck with the Madidi plan--my good friend Joe Gary, his lovely wife Ann, and our dear pal, Maggie McCrory Garret, and me.

Off we went to Clarksdale, knowing if we didn't get to meet Morgan Freeman, we would get a delicious meal anyway.

As we walked in the door, we saw him. There he was, sitting at a table with the co-owner, Bill Luckett, Jr.

I walked over, spoke to Bill, and he introduced Freeman to me and my group.

We had a great visit. Discussing his films, we laid it on as to what a great and eloquent actor he is, and I had to add I had probably seen Shawshank Redemption at least ten times.

Morgan Freeman posed for pictures and schmoozed with us in such a gracious, friendly way--just a natural, down to earth person in spite of his celebrity.

Morgan Freeman is a treasure, and Mississippi should be proud that he chose to come home and be with us.

I am really touched.


Judge Thomas Givens, native of the Mississippi Delta, now lives in Tennessee. Write him by clicking here: Delta Judge.

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