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    When Evening Falls
    by Melanie McCranie Mansfield

      A gentle sound
      Almost too quiet to be heard
      Socked feet tip-toeing down the hall
      Trying to catch a peek at what happens while his night-light flickers on

      A tiny eye
      Ever slowly inching into view
      Unblinking as it sweeps the room
      Curious to know the secrets of those whose shadows dance and voices drop unheard

      A foreign stillness
      Soaking in the sights and sounds
      Thinking he's unnoticed in the dark
      Longing to be a part of the after-time that lives and laughs when he's no longer there

      And they...

      They share a knowing smile that tells of times when peering eyes were theirs.

    Whirling Dervish
    by Melanie McCranie Mansfield

    Spinning with great intent
    But no particular path in mind
    Just trying to expel a little of the frustration
    That comes with not being understood.

    The dizziness that follows
    Is a welcome high as the line
    Between what's real and what's illusion
    Blurs into several carbon copies.

    And then he laughs... lies still... and begins again.


    Melanie Mansfield writes:
    “I tend to write about what I know – and at least for the past 8 years, that's pretty much been children! The first poem above is about son Parker and his curiosity. The second is about son Peyton and his game of spinning in circles. I suppose this means I'll need to write one about my baby daughter Mabry now!”

    Write Melanie at parpey@yahoo.com,
    and read more of her writing at USADS: Grammar Schmammer!

    And another great one: Gifts Fit For A Mama!


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