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    by Marti Lawrence

    Marti Lawrence describes her new book!

    "QUEEN KLUTZ is a collection of essays about my misadventures. I write humorously about bad luck, being a klutz, cars that hate me, life, love and family. Iíve broken both ankles twice, amputated my right index finger and had it reattached. Iíve had the transmission fall out of a Dodge van while driving down the interstate. My teenage son wrecked my car, resulting in an E-Bay auction for the $2,000 French Fry, which caused the wreck. If I couldnít write about this stuff being funny, Iíd be in a rubber room.

    "Some of the chapters are: Not the Best Kind of Breaking News - Gravity hates me - Mechanical Mayhem - How I cut off my finger and lived to tell about it - A Roaring Fire - While My Flat-tar Gently Weeps - Square tires and bent rims - Been to Hell . . . And Have the Lunch Receipt - Halloween Memories - Pirates of Hotpants and many more!"

    Marti's hilarious book may be purchased at www.lulu.com/martilawrence. The e-book version is $4.99; the soft cover is $14.95.

    If a recommendation is needed, listen to Ye Editor at USADEEPSOUTH. She's read the book and loved it!


    Marti Lawrence lives in Grain Valley, Missouri. She's a wife, mother, friend, humor columnist, online retailer, aspiring novelist and pumpkin farmer - a woman who is trying to do ten things at once, but only succeeding at about half of them! Marti is published in the Examiner Newspaper, 2006 Writer's Blog Anthology, and is a featured columnist at USA Deep South, and Southern Humorists.

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