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The Hills of Georgia
by Thomas Lynn

              High in the hills of Georgia
              Where cloud and forest dwell,
              Over the cascade falling
              Far as the eye can tell,
              Lie the clefts and glades of home.

              Shadows of the Chattahoochee
              Where spirit voices call
              Bring a longing to the heart
              And a sigh at even fall
              To native sons of Georgia.

              Beyond the hills of Habersham,
              Beyond the rolling plain,
              Beyond where lilies line the way,
              A boy comes home again
              To the pine-clad hills of Georgia.

              Home from a distant alien land,
              A soldier rests in sleep;
              Yearning to hear a whippoorwill
              And climb the hills so steep-
              He dreams once more of Georgia.

Thomas Lynn, essayist and humorist, was born during the Great Depression and is a retired Federal Agent. Nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize in Poetry, he is the author of Over The Transom: Confessions of a Wannabe Writer.

A member of SouthernHumorists.com, Authorsbydesign.com, and the Gulf Coast Writers Association, he is also a humor columnist for the Oxford So And So Magazine.


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