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by Lori Vest

              Outside my window
              of the house on the hill
              the first one with real heat
              I see the crows in the dead tree
              For days I have watched them
              watch me
              Downstairs in the house on the hill
              my mother sits unable to see them
              the blackness eating her alive
              My brother saw the same black birds before he left
              I see them every day
              watching me
              watch them
              as I close the blinds
              The silent scream starts
              in the house on the hill
              the first one with real heat
              The black birds sit still
              in the dead tree
              as the blackness
              falls on all that is around them


Lori Vest is the mother of three boys and has been married 21 years to "the first one." She was born and raised in Covington, Virginia, and will be bured there unless the town blows up. Her favorite quote is: "Baby, I know you think I'm crazy and I know it's true . . . if you knew what I knew, you'd be crazy too!"

Lori is the sister of David Norris, prolific and talented USADS writer. Write Lori at trinityx3.

Read more of her work here at USADEEPSOUTH: "And how was your week?"


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