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Little Girl Again
by Brenda Parris Sibley

She walked with me to see the flowers
And the kittens near the barn.
She talked to them, "Kitty, kitty,"
as I held her by the arm.

She didn't eat much lunch
but rather wanted sweets.
She got upset when I scolded,
and pouted until she went to sleep.

She was delighted again
when snack time came,
And she loved sitting all afternoon
in the front porch swing.

Again she didn't eat much
At the evening meal
And she grew so very sleepy
She could hardly sit still.

I hugged her and tucked her in,
And told her goodnight.
But not much later she awoke,
Crying out in fright.

"Where are my momma and poppa?
Why did they leave me here?"
She sobbed, "I want to go home,"
as I wiped her tears.

Trapped in the body of
a woman of seventy nine --
I always wanted a little girl;
My mother now is mine.

Copyright 2000-2004 Brenda Parris Sibley


Brenda moved back to her Alabama home to care for her mother who lived her last years with Alzheimer’s. She writes: “I think probably my favorite poem is this one, Little Girl Again. The picture above the poem is my mother as a little girl holding a doll, and I was thinking of that photo when I wrote the poem."

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Author of Waiting for the Morning, iUniverse.com ISBN:0-595-18782-X
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Write Brenda at this address: bpsibley@mindspring.com.

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