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Eddie Draper's Poems


All the Sounds at Levenwall
Do yet remember thee---
Crickets proud upon their dance
At war but still I see---

Plantation waltz - Surrender me
This strife shall soon be past---
Until the lines are battle drawn
I'll write to you - Pray not my last---

Oh, Levenwall - I cradle dear
My memories fondle you---
I crave the wait that tears on me
This ghastly war rings true---

Thy path I seek -- This gruesome hell
I've killed more men than me---
I hear Surrender comes't day
My Levenwall I’ll see---

Verse to Verse

Verse against curse
Curse against verse
Thus how the writer strays-
As oblong and obtuse and opaque
it seems
We all seek to hold on,
Let go, there's no praise---

Inches of struggling
and miles of distraught-
Milligrams of nothingness
all for naught---

Reckless abandonment
instilled in the night-
A curse of the darkness
protested the light---

Poets are closets
dressed down to size-
disrobing a sacrament
the grail's disguise---

One can sound hopeless
Do I this night?
Words are my wings
Poetry my flight---

Eddie Draper is a Mississipi Delta native who now lives in Nashville where he's a musician and writer.
Write him at Gravelroadmusic.


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