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by Kenny Artigues

I bat first
And he bats last
I’m a better fielder
And twice as fast

My poise is undeniable
I'm an all-star, without doubt
I have God-given baseball talent
It seems my brother was left without

Every day we throw the ball outside
I see him try his best
I give him tips on what I know
He works with little rest

I'm proud of him, this spunky guy
Though others cannot see;
I know with work and confidence
He'll be just as good as me

I hope one day he'll get his chance
To shine, like he deserves
If he only plays like he knows how
And forgets about his nerves


And then one night it happens
When the score is locked at three
All the coaches check their rosters
Praying next batter will be me.

Ah, but though with me at bat
My team will win the game
Who should walk up to the plate
But he who shares my name

The coaches are encouraging
The fans, they cheer him through it
But in their minds they think the same:
“I know that he can’t do it”

Of all the people in the stands
And all the He’s and She’s
I am the only one of all
Who actually believes

He stands alone, all by himself
His face is full of dread
I go to stand beside him
And rest my hand upon his head

He looks at me with hopeful eyes
‘Cause he’s my biggest fan
He simply whispers, “What do I do?”
And I say, “The best you can”

He smiles at me; I smile back
And he walks up to the plate
He digs his feet into the ground
And holds his bat back straight

The pitch comes out; he swings hard
And from the fans come screams
Because that little rookie
Hit the ball out of its seams

I can't suppress my happiness
Overjoyed, I leave the ground
A single tear falls down my cheek
I hear not a single sound

He runs around the bases
His fists held in the air
And when he rounds third base he sees
His big brother standing there

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