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Book Season
~winter of my contentment~

by Jackie Cooper

Winter is not my favorite season. I don't like cold, dreary days. I like sunny weather, but I do require a change of seasons. So I take the good with the bad. Winter makes me appreciate summer more, and it gives a balance to life that I enjoy.

When it is cold I want to shut the doors, turn up the heat, and hibernate. In the past that has not been possible. I had a job that required me to venture out each day, plus there was always somewhere I had to go for a meeting or something to do with the kids. But now the kids are on their own and I am a writer who works out of his house. I can stay inside and be a hermit if I want to, and a lot of the time I do.

Best of all, I can read and read and read. I love books and lately it seems there have been more good books on the market than ever before. Most of my favorite writers have new novels out and I can open the pages to their stories and let myself fly around the world, getting caught up in tense adventures and walking away unscathed.

Karin Slaughter always entertains me, and her book INDELIBLE is one of her best. INDELIBLE is an intense mystery that absorbed me from start to finish. Karin has continuing characters in her stories and I have gotten to know them well. They are friends of mine now.

Sheldon Siegel also uses the same characters over and over in his books. In his latest novel, THE CONFESSION, attorney Mike Daley and his partner and ex-wife Rosie Fernandez take on one of their toughest cases yet. The story involves a priest accused of murder.

The great thing about Karin's and Sheldon's books is that if you enjoy the latest ones you can always go back and read the three or four that preceded them. That will take care of more than a couple of winter afternoons.

I also am a Nelson DeMille fan. I didn't like his last book, UP COUNTRY, but I have heard good things about his latest, NIGHT FALL. This book is sitting on my table, ready for me to get started. But before I get to it, I plan to read Tony Hillerman's SKELETON MAN. I have read just about everything Hillerman has ever written -- he gets better with every book.

Hillerman's main character is Navajo Tribal Police lieutenant Joe Leaphorn. Each book follows a Leaphorn adventure, most taking place on the Navajo reservation and employing the culture of the Navajos to a great extent. This leads to the story's being mystical as well as dramatic.

Following that, I will read Ken Follett's WHITEOUT. Again, I have been a Follett fan since the days of THE KEY TO REBECCA. Some of his books have been better than others, but I hear this new one is Follett in top form.

Now, if you have the opportunity to stay inside on a cold winter day and read, you can take these suggestions I have made. Each is guaranteed to help readers pass the time in the most pleasant way. So instead of having a winter of discontent, you can have a reading winter of pure contentment.


Jackie K. Cooper was born in South Carolina and now lives in Georgia. He is the married father of two sons and the proud grandparent of a boy and a girl.

He is familiar to people living in the middle Georgia area as the "entertainment man" since his entertainment reviews run in newspapers and are shown on television there. His short stories have also been used as commentary on Georgia Public Radio.

Cooper has lived an exceptionally interesting life. Portions of it were contained in his first book JOURNEY OF A GENTLE SOUTHERN MAN, and the journey continued in his second book titled CHANCES AND CHOICES.

JOURNEY OF A GENTLE SOUTHERN MAN and CHANCES AND CHOICES have been reprinted by Mercer University Press and are available at bookstores across the country. Mercer also published Jackie's new book HALFWAY HOME in October 2004.

To order any of these books, go to MUPRESS.ORG

Write Jackie Cooper at this e-mail address
and be sure to visit his excellent web site: jackiekcooper.com


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