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by Janice Harris

              Stillness reigns in shades of green
              verdant growth encompassing
              rolling hill and fertile plain.
              Fence row, the old wellhouse,
              weathered barn concealed
              by nature's exuberance.
              To the horizon, uniformity
              of vine, of hue, of creeping evolution.
              Demarcation of blue sky and green cover
              the only divergence.
              Arms propped on the upper rail of
              the sagging pigpen,
              the old farmer stands immobile,
              tendrils trailing from his elbows,
              victim of his own slow pace.
              The time has come:
              Kudzu rules the world!

Janice Harris is a graduate of Berea College and Eastern Kentucky University. She was a member of the Twenty Writers' Group at Berea College and was most recently published in Poetry as Prayer: Appalachian Women Speak.

Write Harris at Janice_Harris@exite.com


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