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Poems for Children
by Beth Boswell Jacks


              The Thing On My Head

              The thing on my noggin is white, and it's wool.
              And it itches and scratches my head when I pull
              And stretch it and jerk it away from my eyes,
              But I can't make it fit, for it's just not my size.

              It covers my forehead and swallows my ears;
              It tickles my lashes and squeezes my tears.
              This cap was my brother's; he's got one that's new.
              It's not fair I suffer with one he outgrew.

              Old thing on my noggin, it bothers me so,
              But I have to admit . . . it feels good in the snow.

              [First published in HOPSCOTCH magazine]



              Sometimes I like to lie around,
              Chilling out or snoring;
              But Mom says I should exercise --
              Exercise? How boring!

              Instead I trot around the block
              To see who's at the park,
              And if I find a pal or two
              We'll race and play till dark.

              Or sometimes we might climb a tree
              Or balance on a beam,
              Or dangle from the monkey bars,
              Or plunk rocks in the stream.

              And finally when it's suppertime
              I find to my surprise,
              That what I thought was just good fun
              Was really exercise!

              [First published in U.S. KIDS magazine]


              Pim Pim Pony

              Pim Pim Pony
              Has a mane of macaroni
              And a tail of vermicelli
              With spaghetti on his belly

              Pim Pim Pony
              Can't go anywhere he wishes
              If he gets into hot water
              He turns into pasta dishes

              [First published in LADYBUG magazine]



              I am a graceful ballerina,
              a dancing, prancing palomino,
              a whirling, twirling kind of horse,
              spinning center stage, of course.

              My tutu's made of yellow net
              that flutters when I pirouette,
              or crushes when my grand jete
              leaps into those who block my way.

              You'd think my friends would learn by now
              when dancing horses leap, somehow
              the rest of them should move away
              and just assume a deep plie.

              I start my jump -- tour en l'air --
              then notice someone else is there,
              assuming a position grand
              in just the spot where I will land.

              We crash! Our lovely legs and net
              are tangled in a jumble; yet
              we graceful ballerinas know,
              no matter what, on with the show!

              [First published in HOPSCOTCH magazine]


Beth Jacks has had stories and poems published in a number of children's magazines, including Ladybug, Hopscotch, Devo'Zine, Pockets, Boys' Quest, Story Mates, Story Friends, Wee Ones Mag, Shining Star, Kids' Highway and Lighthouse Story Collections.

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Editor of USADEEPSOUTH, Beth Boswell Jacks is the author of 3 books (Grit, Guts, and Baseball and Snippets I and II). Readers and editors may contact her at bethjacks@hotmail.com.

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