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Excerpts from Pennies on the Tracks
by Danny Lee Ingram

from "Reunion"

. . . The train rocked gently from side to side, the quiet roar of the steel wheels rolling along forgiving tracks, almost hypnotic, soothing. The intermittent wail of the train's horn several cars ahead brought back memories of that old trestle where he and Sammy used to play after school. They would lay pennies on the tracks and hide under the weathered beams till the train passed over. Then they would climb up and recover their flattened treasures. . . .


from "Winesaps"

. . . The doe didn't move as we approached, except for a slight nod at times, and Grandpa walked slower the closer he got. He must not have known I was behind him because he never looked back. He just kept on walking. Then he slowly spread his arms out by his sides, his palms open toward the doe. . . .

"I didn't know."

The deer stared straight at him, never moving.

"Please forgive me. I told you before. I truly didn't know." . . .

But the deer just looked back at us for a couple of seconds, snorted mist into the cool mountain air, and suddenly bounded off into the woods, its lope quickly fading till there was nothing but the distant screams of blue jays somewhere in the treetops. . . .


from "Ripples in Silence"

. . . The gibbous moon, only half risen over the Appalachians, cast its soft light onto the rolling tips of distant pines. The water lay still, the mirror image, sharp and clear, broken only by the occasional jump of a hungry young bass leaping for the twinkling morsels above. . . .

Suddenly, shots rang out and the wheelhouse window burst into fragments. I ducked below the tiny wall as lead whacked against both sides of the steamer, and the boat swerved to the right with an unattended wheel. I reached up and hit all-stop, and we floated backwards toward the left bank and ground to a halt in the shallows. At least we weren't drifting. Finally, I got up the nerve to peek out the door. Chuck lay flat on deck, smiling curiously at me. . . .


from "Is That Clock Right?"

. . . Then I slowly gaze up toward the culprit of this predicament. The clock. I fantasize tying its lying little hands with its own ugly cord and drowning it face-first in that last shoe-deep puddle. But this clock's not the only one. It seems that every clock on campus is conspiring to make me late.

Some days, it takes me only a couple of minutes from one class to another, according to the arrival clock. Some days, fifteen. That's when I'm late. Then some days, I get there before I even leave.

Realizing that something has to be done, I search the campus for our resident clock watcher, Hans Turner. . . .


Danny Lee Ingram writes in the Georgia Appalachians, blending his deep roots of Southern style with many years of musician travel to create his unique perspective. He has multiple degrees including English and Writing, teaches such in college, and composes stories that reveal his mastery of the language.

To order Pennies on the Tracks:

Amazon.com has proved to be the fastest method of ordering. However, listed on DannyLeeIngram.com are 170+ global outlets with direct-click links. Prices vary per outlet but average $14.95. ISBN 1413722865.


“Reading a carefully crafted, engaging collection of short stories transports the reader into genuine life experiences that pique the mystery of memory, hunger, conversation, understanding, relationships, interaction with nature, dreams, visions and so much more that is indescribably precious. Danny Lee Ingram’s latest collection, Pennies On The Tracks, so fulfills the promise of what great writing offers.” ~ Reviewers International Organization / Crystal Reviews

Danny Lee Ingram appeared at the February 2005 Dahlonega Literary Festival (Georgia) and has been awarded these writing honors:

2005 Pulitzer Prize Contender
2005 Pushcart Prize Nominee
e2ink Anthology Nominee
Associated Writing Programs Nominee: Fiction & Poetry

His prose and poetry has been published in the following and others:

The Cutting Edge
Lavender Mountain Anthology III & IV
The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature
Epiphany Magazine
Writers for Readers
Harvest Art
Wilmington Blues
Editorial Haiku
Zuzu's Petals Quarterly
Western Poetry Anthology
American Poetry Anthology
Cochran's Corner
Dream International Quarterly

Danny recently published another book, this time a book of poems. Glass Cuts the Shadow is the title. To order, visit: http://www.lulu.com/content/149102

Danny's cousin, William A. Campbell of Georgia, a Vietnam veteran, has also published a book of poems dealing with the war, the return, the paranoia, and the healing. His book, Black Marble Wall, can be seen at: http://www.lulu.com/content/112983.

Write Danny Lee Ingram at mail@dannyleeingram.com.
And be sure to visit his website at www.DannyLeeIngram.com!


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