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Why, Granny?
by Jane-Ann Heitmueller

            "Why do you wear aprons, Granny?" I asked her one day,
              as I nestled on her lap, while resting from my play.

            "Mercy, child," she replied, "it's just a part of life.
              It's as valuable to me as Grandpa's pocketknife.

            When I wrap it on each day it makes me feel complete.
              I'm prepared to face the day, whatever I shall meet.

            Sometimes it's a wiping rag to dry my dripping hands.
              Sometimes it's a holding cloth to grasp the boiling pans.

            Now and then it dries a tear or wipes a runny nose.
              It's a part of all I do, wherever Granny goes.

            Carrying potatoes or the hen's eggs from their nest.
              Snuggling baby kittens close and warm against my breast.

            Wiping up the drips and drops that splatter on the floor.
              Oft' times used to dust the table, and there's so much more.

            On a rainy day it's used to shield my head from rain
              or to take the horses lots of tasty, yellow grain.

            Sometimes it's a help to open stubborn lids I grip.
              It can hide a dirty spot or shield a jagged rip.

            It's been known to shine a shoe or dry a puppy's fur
              or to clear a mirror when the steam has caused a blur.

            Best of all though, precious child sitting on my knee,
              it's a place to nestle you and have you here with me!"

Jane-Ann Heitmueller and her husband relish a life of retirement from the field of education on their 134-year old, authenticlly restored German homeplace, Mulberry Farm. A mood of nostalgia and whimsy permeates the writings of this mother of two and grandmother of two as she attempts to reflect upon what are often considered the ordinary, mundane aspects of life, both past and present. Heitmueller's poetry and short stories have been published in newspapers, magazines and books.

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