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by Ralph E. Gordon

        She sits quietly by the stream
        with a profound determination to survive.
        Her ageless beauty has yielded to neither time nor weather.
        Her fair skin unscathed by the perils of war,
        her eyes unwilted by disappointment.
        Robbed of a heart by her king
        fleeing desperate men with cannons and torches,
        her genial welcome masks her wanting soul.
        Tools and lumber and nails, lay scattered about where her heart should be
        while rafters hang over her unvarnished floors like ribs barren of flesh.
        She is protected only by the live-oaks serving as silent sentries,
        Their branches bow to her praise
        as she receives her subjects and guests.
        Hordes of worshipers pass her threshold into her vacant chest.
        She embraces them one by one
        as they make their pilgrimage within her halls.
        And when their lust for her glory is fulfilled,
        they disappear like driftwood in the Mississippi River.
        In her quest for solace she turns her ears to the orchestra of the evening.
        There she basks in the blue haze of a lazy moon.
        And with a mystifying but graceful dignity of an ancient Egyptian princess,
        awaiting her loverís emergence from the Nile,
        she waits patiently for old man river to send forth the one pilgrim
        who will fill the void left there by her creator.



Author, poet, songwriter and playwright Ralph Gordon lives in Union, Mississippi, with his wife Pat. Gordon is vice president of the Mississippi Writers Guild and is a retired sales manager for a major lawn and garden equipment manufacturer. He has also served as Executive Director of the Union, Mississippi, Chamber of Commerce. Gordon received his education at Beulah Hubbard High School, East Central Community College, Delta State University, Millsaps College and Mississippi State University.

His songs have been recorded by The Mountain Gypsies of Rogers, Arkansas, Richelle Putnam, and award winning gospel artist Morris Mott. Gordon is the author of the nonfiction book, The Invasion of 64. His short stories and poetry have been published in The Oxford So and So, usadeepsouth.com, The Oxford Town, The Meridian Star, The Newton Record, The Union Appeal and Wildlife Mississippi. Gordon is also a regular contributor to the Journal of the Newton County Historical Society. One of his poems was selected by the Union County Public Library to be featured in the William Faulkner Garden Collection. The Mississippi Department of Tourism displays Gordon's poetry at the State Welcome Centers. The welcome centers also play his music, recorded by various artists.

In January, 2007, Gordon was commissioned by the Newton Theater Company and the Newton Chamber of Commerce to write a Civil War drama. He was joined by fellow writers Richelle Putnam and Anne McKee. The trio delivered the final manuscript of A Motherís Son to the Chamber of Commerce in June of 2007. The play was produced by the Newton Theater Company the following December in front of a large audience including such dignitaries as Mississippi Lt. Governor Amy Tuck and Mississippi Arts Commission Executive Director Malcolm White.

Gordon and Putnam co-wrote an eight-song musical score for the play. The Gordon/Putnam team has also co-written A Forrest For A Child, No Harvest Have I, and many others. They plan to release their first video sometime in 2008 featuring the song, A Forrest For A Child.

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