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Kornfeld's Department Store
by Thomas Givens

I'm sure most folks in the Delta are familiar with the Crystal Grill in Greenwood, Mississippi. This restaurant, located on Carrollton Avenue, has some of the best food this side of heaven. Across from Carrollton Avenue, on the other side of the railroad tracks, is a street called East Johnson Street. What folks may NOT know is that another jewel of a business is located over there on East Johnson called Kornfeld's Department Store. You just got to go there. Not only does he have a really fine selection of clothes, Murray, the last surving Kornfeld, is a fun guy. He will regale you with many tales, true or made up. In other words, he will talk your head off.

I was there in Greenwood and met an old friend who had on a shirt with a cotton boll "emblem." I asked him where he got the shirt and he told me Kornfeld's.

Well, I went there and bought one. Didn't meet Murray then, but when that shirt wore out, I went to replace it and met Murray. He has shirts and pants with the cotton boll motif; I have several and have bought some for friends. He is a big Ole Miss fan and has ties and belts related to that school and, as he refers to State, that other school.

The most interesting thing about Kornfeld's Department Store is the big and tall section. You would not believe the size of some of the pants, bras and bloomers. Murray will show them to you, and these garments are actually for sale. It is unbelievable.

And hey, Murray was once written up in the National Enquirer and will be glad to show you the article.

I took my wife by Kornfeld's on our recent tour of the Mississippi Delta; she had a delightful time. Murray is entertaining, funny, and a big showoff. You'd love him -- and you just might end up buying some of that cotton boll stuff.


Judge Tom Givens is a former Mississippi Deltan who now hangs his hat
in the hills of his native state. His memoirs are favorites at USADEEPSOUTH.

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