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~~impressive new book~~

by Beth Boswell Jacks

One of the delightful things about editing USADEEPSOUTH.COM is that I’ve made many new writing friends, not only in the South but from all over the world.

New friends share all sorts of things – often relating happy news about their children and grandchildren and special friends. And so it is, we at USADEEPSOUTH celebrate with our own RiverDancer (Gene Goodson), an outstanding writer and contributor to our pages, the pending release of a new book titled Positive Performance Improvement: A new paradigm for optimizing your workforce, written by Gene’s daughter, Robbie Goodson Gerson, and her husband, Richard F. Gerson.

At RichGerson.com, we read this PR release about the book:

"Positive Performance Improvement: A New Paradigm for Optimizing Your Workforce . . . talks about new models and approaches to generating performance improvement based on positive psychology, sport psychology and appreciative inquiry. Plus, the book introduces the Positive CORE model created by the authors to help managers help their individual employees to raise the bar on their performances. It is published by Davies-Black."

And at Amazon.com, we find this book description:

"For more than 25 years, this husband-and-wife author team has been leading the way in building performance improvement programs that put the focus squarely on the most important element of any initiative: the individual worker. In Positive Performance Improvement, they bring together the best in research with real-life examples from their years of work in the field to dispel the prevailing myths that limit the success of many of today's efforts to improve performance. They help uncover the clues to what drives an individual's success and present a unique Talent Optimization Performance System that makes their Positive CORE model both tactical and practical in any coaching, performance appraisal, or ongoing performance management situation."

For additional information at Amazon.com, click this link: POSITIVE PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT

Gene is proud of Robbie’s accomplishments, as well she should be. She writes: "My daughter, Robbie Gerson (co-author of new book) will be Professor Robbie Gerson at the University of South Florida starting this summer. She will teach two courses – one on Leadership and the other on Human Resources. I love the fact that Human Resources is one of the subjects because her 19-year career in banking industry HR will go into the classroom with her."

Here's more about Robbie and Richard Gerson:

Richard Gerson, Ph.D., a pioneer in the performance psychology field, is president of The HEAD Coaching Institute, a coaching firm specializing in using research-based sport and performance psychology techniques to increase the effectiveness of people and organizations. He is also president of Gerson Goodson, Inc., a training and consulting firm specializing in performance management and performance improvement of people and teams. Published in 9 languages, author of 19 books and hundreds of articles in print and on the Web, he is a Certified Performance Technologist and recently received a lifetime achievement award from the Tampa Bay Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement.

Robbie Goodson Gerson, MSM, PHR, is executive vice president and managing partner of Gerson Goodson, Inc., and heads up the human resources consulting practice of the firm. Bringing more than 20 years experience in human resources and performance management to her clients, she coaches executives and leaders on ways to enhance their leadership skills, improve the performance of their direct reports, and generate increased productivity from their teams and their organizations.

Congratulations to Robbie and Richard!

E-mail Dr. Richard Gerson at this address or call 727-726-7619. E-mail Robbie Goodson Gerson at robbie.gerson.


This book may also be ordered from Barnes and Noble.

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