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Two Poems
by Gail Livesay


Not from the
South a’tall,

but she might be
kin from way back when,

joined right in, when
we had our awaknin,

jumped right in, when
we shed our clothes
and jumped in the creek,

didn’t stay in long
it was colder than
a witch’s teat.

“Y’all, I cain’t
find my drawers.”

She’s learnin
real quick!



I went back to
the farm today.

Still standing weather
worn and gray,

no longer filled
with corn and hay.

Missing the warmth of
cattle, and laughter of
children to fill your rafters.

Left alone to decay.

I have a place
for you to stay.

Cover the wall where
my children play.

I'll tell them where
I used to play.

    Gail is fifty-seven years old and lives in Berea, Kentucky, with her husband Wayne. They have two children, Lisa and Michael, and have been blessed with two granddaughters, Marina and Hannah. Gail writes poetry and plays and is currently revising her book about growing up with Bipolar Disorder which was not recognized and/or diagnosed. She attends a weekly writing group taught by Pulitzer Prize nominated poet and author Sidney Saylor Farr.


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