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Twenty-four Hours
by Kent Fletcher

First Twelve

misty rain, humidity up
cats scurrying about, looking for a dry spot
temperatures balmy, quite comfy
a little wind, enough to blow the mist in my face.

Spreading a tarp over the structure that covers where the cats feed
frustrated because the wind keeps moving the tarp
an early feed cause "dad" is going to a party.

Belle goes for a ride to spend the evening with Pris
gets locked inside so she won't try to follow
when "dad" goes to the big city
to meet, greet, and eat with old friends
old times are not forgotten

an early end to the gathering, heading on back
to pick up the baby,
waiting for me in the hallway
idle chit-chat, then home, and an early bedtime.

Second Twelve

the dawn comes slowly
clear skies, a little wind
the morning coffee is delish, and needed

feeding the cats, they are always glad to eat!
A lazy day, nothing of real interest going on
pooch is running around, barking at fictitious things
cool breezes increase
make the chimes really chime for a change
makes sitting in the swing more fun

a time to ruminate, to contemplate, to decide on
Are You Happy?
Sounds like a good title for reflecting
but it goes hardly anywhere

cannot sit in one place for long, bored yet reflective
lots of things "to do," but not today, maybe tomorrow
after all, "Tomorrow is another day!"

A nice Sunday afternoon to relax, reflect on my life
to enjoy the beautiful day
to enjoy what God has given me

to enjoy the sweet innocence of the animal kingdom
to watch a young dog playing, frolicking with cats
to watch and try to imagine the wonder of life through
a dog's eyes as she contemplates a very young kitten
who doesn't understand the dog is just curious

another day comes and goes in the cycle of my life
what will tomorrow bring?
something different, or just the same, a repeat?
that is for me to decide.


Click here to e-mail Kent! Kent Fletcher, native Mississippian and retired military, now lives in Texas.

Contact Kent at this e-mail address.

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