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Experts show ignorance expertly
by Ed Williams

Experts said.....

That the Titanic was unsinkable, that man and technology had managed to overcome anything that God could throw at them.

That rock’n’roll was just a passing fad, that singers like Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others would never last, but instead would be swept up “into the dustbin of history.”

That first Al Gore, and then George Bush was going to be elected President during the 2000 election. Then they said that they really weren’t sure who was gonna become the President. The best thing was that they made all those predictions/projections/mistakes in about a two-and-one-half hour time period on all the major TV networks and cable news channels.

That Randy Murray and Ed Williams would not drink too many of the free samples of wine so kindly offered to us a short while back at Habersham’s Winery (over in Juliette) by Betty, owner, proprietor, and friend.

That the “Freddy vs. Jason” movie would be a complete flop financially at the box office; better yet, that horror movies in general were just not gonna make big bucks for movie producers. (Anyone noticed the box office takes on some of the other new horror movies lately?)

That the subject matter of the classic TV program “All In The Family” would offend people and that it wouldn’t even last a month on network television.

That bubble gum, hoola hoops, and roller skates were passing fads.

That Americans would keep purchasing fifteen to twenty dollar CDs that cost the music industry maybe fifty cents a piece to produce.

That we should drink milk, then we shouldn’t, then again that we should; that we shouldn’t drink wine, then that wine was good for us if consumed in moderation; that calories should be watched when trying to diet, that carbohydrates should be watched when trying to diet, that fat grams should be watched when trying to diet, that fasting should be employed when trying to diet, that fasting should not be employed when trying to diet - well, y’all get the picture, I‘m sure. Grab a piece of pizza and reread it again if y’all don’t.

That the Harry Potter books would never sell; in fact, a ton of publishers rejected the first Potter book before someone finally took a chance on it.

That sound could never be added to motion pictures.

That Hitler could be contained through appeasement. That any dictator can be contained through appeasement.

That the Falcons were gonna be playoff contenders this past year.

Years ago that Americans would never buy foreign made cars in any noticeable numbers.

That Ross Perot was not only sane, but brilliant.

That Ed Jr. would lose his interest in women after having six bypass heart surgery three years ago.

That Enron was a great company, and that people should invest lots of money in it.

That Jimmy Carter would never get elected President of the United States.

That Sonny Perdue would never get elected Governor of Georgia.

That Thomas Dewey would get elected President of the United States.

That I would outgrow my love for Atomic Fireballs and ICEEs.

Know what all this tells me? That experts must be the stupidest people in the world, and then some.

I mean, just ponder the above statements and comments for a second. Most regular folks, me included, don’t know a whole lot about most things. I could expound on my own personal ignorance for hours, if the truth be told. But the thing with most of us is that we know enough not to go on the record with our ignorance and reveal it to the rest of the world. To give other people verifiable proof of it.

As Ed Jr. puts it, it’s one thing for people to think you’re stupid, it’s a whole ‘nother thing to prove it to them.


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