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Owen and Maggie Jo's Birthday Cake
by Terry Everett

            Today I connect the dots.
            I'm slower now, grandfather
            to three too fast for me;
            the youngest is Owen who
            climbs into my lap, drawn
            to one of my famous "Dual Pad
            Writing Pads" that all three love;
            it's Maggie Jo's birthday; she's
            been the one of this household
            these six years drawn to the pens
            and pads of my famous bag
            (Papaw Busy's Big Purse);
            but today it's Owen drawn
            for the first time to draw
            on my pad; I realize now
            that his mind had been pre-drawing
            for some time; he drew a circle
            (true to the child uncorrupted
            by untrained adults' teaching);
            then he said, "Put some sprinkles
            on it, Papaw." I didn't get it.
            He put the sprinkles on.
            He said, "Put some choc-choc
            on it, Papaw." Finally,
            it dawned on me: a cake, but
            why was I surprised to hear
            Maggie scream later: "Owen,
            you ruined it." (He'd opened
            her birthday cake and drawn
            straight into the icing
            like Matisse cutting into
            color, re-discovering
            the child within himself, as I
            now re-discover the child
            within myself writing again
            thanks to Owen showing me
            how to cut into this white page
            and put dark chocolate cake
            on it, with thanks to Angie
            for restoring the icing
            on Maggie Jo's cake, with thanks
            to all who made me feel good
            about my gifts, even the one
            that got Owen into trouble:
            dangerous white page and pen.

About Terry Everett

Everett's poetry has appeared in TAPESTRY (DSU Division of Languages and Literature art-literary magazine) and numerous magazines and journals. He is Assistant Professor of English Emeritus from DSU where he taught courses in composition and literature.

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