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Tao T Gets Two
by Terry Everett

            He called a meeting at the mound
            (inspired to throw his best pitch
            in its best place one more time).

            "What are you gonna do now?"
            the catcher said. "There’s nowhere
            to put him this time," he smirked.

            "Throw it again," T said. "He’s hit
            it in the same place three times.
            Gerry, you cheat into the hole;

            "Curtis, you cheat toward the bag;
            we’ll get two." His thinking done, T
            took a breath and slung the slider home.

About Terry Everett

Everett's poetry has appeared in TAPESTRY (DSU Division of Languages and Literature art-literary magazine) and numerous magazines and journals. He is Assistant Professor of English Emeritus from DSU where he taught courses in composition and literature.

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