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by Eileen Murray

Things are only things, made to be broken,
Not to keep and cherish--
Given away, sold, thrown out.
No pain – no emotions,
Just tossed out like garbage.
What difference does it really make?
Eternity won’t look back at “things”—
Only the soul of man will be looked at.
God will ask,
“Did you love me?
Did you love my children?
Did you love yourself?”
Then He will say—
“I loved you all – no matter what.
The 'things' didn’t matter—
You are all that mattered—
Your precious body…a temple of mine,
Your soul – the everlasting to everlasting.
Cleansed and purified – in the Refiner’s fire.”

A long-time Mississippi resident and talented artist,
Eileen is a retired teacher now living in Florida.
The mother of two sons, Eileen graduated from Delta State University
with an undergraduate degree in Art and a M.Ed in Reading.


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