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Thinking is Powerful Work!
by Arnold Dyre

By and large, women fail to give males proper credit for thinking. They often accuse us of not thinking and, when we are thinking, they say we are loafing.

As a boy, I was often the victim of such unjust accusations by my own dear mother. Even minor mishaps in the performance of some task would produce the “you-need-to-think” admonishment and, when I would be seriously mulling something over in my mind, Mother would calculate that I was just being lazy and doing nothing. Though she had already concluded I was engaged in idle nothingness, Mother would demand, “Arnold Douglas, what are you doing?”

I would honestly answer, “Thinking.”

Her likely response was, “Well, do your thinking while you are mowing the yard!”

Things have not changed much now that I am a well-aged version of that boy. My wife Beverly interrupts a good deal of my thinking by telling me things to do. I do not quite know how it came about that it was determined I am supposed to empty the dishwasher, but Beverly is forever asking me, “Have you unloaded the dishwasher yet?”

Beverly generally does that when I am relaxing or just when I am about to relax. She fears I am going to finish the last chore she gave me to do and have nothing else to do, so she prods me about the dishwasher. Sometimes, I answer with a simple, “No.”

That usually produces a disgusted sigh; however, things get considerably more interesting when I say, “No, Honey, but I have been thinking about it.”

I do not think women understand that thinking is powerful work. A man can get plum worn out just thinking about doing some things.


Arnold Dyre writes:
"I live in Madison, Mississippi, and am a 60-plus Jackson attorney, retired from active law practice. I was born in Montgomery County and grew up in Grenada County and currently write a weekly column for The Daily Star, a newspaper in Grenada, Mississippi. My weekly columns, as well as some features for various special editions, are mostly anecdotal musings calculated to interest local readers and relate primarily to nostalgic memories of experiences growing up in a rural community called Gore Springs. I have had similar types of pieces published in The Oxford SO & SO, The Tombigbee Country Magazine, and Yesterday's Memories."

"Additionally, I write short stories and poetry, and I've also completed two legal thriller/police/crime novels for which I am currently seeking the representation of a literary agent and/or publisher."


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