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Du Cafe au Lait
by David Norris

NOTE: David Norris shared with USADEEPSOUTH readers a wonderful story called The Ants, based on an interview with a mountain man by the name of Charley. David wrote to USADS: “Charley was such a gentle and kind man. I wrote this poem based on a story he told me.”


Du Cafe au Lait

You know a deer
has coffee eyes
so dark you can't
see the pupils

But a deer is
gentle if you can
just catch one
to hold in your arms

I caught one one
time running
in a field
The deer was

scared because dogs
had been chasing her
She had come down
from the mountain

had run into a corner
where the fences met
She almost killed herself
running into that fence

I calmed her
I soothed her
She was a little doe deer
the same color as milk and coffee

I talked to her
and soothed her
I walked right up
to her and held her


WRITER’S BIO: David Norris has lived in Asia since 1985. He currently resides in Seoul, Korea, where he lectures in writing and literature for the University of Maryland University College Asia. His work has appeared in The Chariton Review, Taproot Literary Review, Poetry San Francisco, and The Dan River Anthology. David was born in the small town of Covington, Virginia, way up in the Alleghany Mountains. He left when he was 20 and has been traveling ever since.

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