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. . . and selected poems by Eddie Edwards Draper


          Little firefly
          your gazing bow
          so regal
          yet so free--

          You drift and dart
          wherever breeze
          You please my iris - stay--
          but you bygone
          at instant's wink
          no sooner left than blink--

          But I can't wait
          my follies vamp
          tho' you scamper high--
          yet I'll lay wait
          your neon trail
          until tomorrow's night--


    Yes, I'm a stranger in this fast pace inn
    Having met the lines on Highway 8-
    And telling them how free they were
    And wishing our land were just that way--
    I sat down on some blacktop surface
    That was never once discriminated against-
    The entire hour or more I sat and prayed for peace--
    Meanwhile, the lines, which they said reached the river
    At Beulah, were starched in domino fashion
    Down to "Ole Muddy"--
    But I could only see past the third white house
    And I arose to walk that two mile stretch--
    The lady inside [toilet paper in hair] understood my theme-
    That peace was like that road outside-
    That lines could play their role and stay in place for
    Every mile through every day--
    And then I had to leave her there and let her digest
    My sermon--
    I got close to the water of that mighty river-
    Perhaps, that was where I learned the most of all--
    For after that, wherever I went-
    I felt I had nature secured in a halo around my head--
    Maybe I could do no more-
    But inside I felt I had done my share to tell my parables
    And explorations to the violent world--
    So, until I reach your town, my unseen friend--
    Keep on the road--The Road To Peace---


    There must be a smile behind 'yonder door--
    Where bridges of my childhood expand---
    Oh, little shoes in my cedar chest,
    I've willed you to my own child's nest--
    And you, little cup, that nourished my young eyes--
    To my little girl you go without the formal goodbyes-

    With one glance forward-and one last thought-
    They will be grown while my rockin chair awaits--
    While I stand on the fender of time,
    And spurts of gray have spread my mind--
    I may be wise--but not in the sight of my young one's eyes--

    The legend of the dogwood tree just came to mind
    And another generation just left my door--
    But, other trees will always grow--
    I guess we can't always be the shade---

    Eddie Draper is a native of the Mississippi Delta and is a regular contributor to USADS.
    He now lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is a songwriter and musician.

    Write Eddie at Gravel Road Music.


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