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Thigh-Master, Move Over
by Dana Sieben

I am a love-it-and-leave-it kind of gal. I go through weight-loss equipment like it was going out of style. I've tried treadmills, Richard Simmons, yoga, thigh-master, tae-bo you name it. But I have no self-discipline, so it's hard to stick with anything.

However, I have come across an old, yet unexplored, piece of exercise equipment that promises to be easy to use and fun at the same time.

It's called the Be-A-Dog-Master.

The Be-A-Dog-Master method, or BADM for short, is simple. All you have to do is go to your local pound and adopt a large dog. Yes, a large dog. Not a yipper-yapper the size of a peanut, but a real live, honest-to-goodness BIG dog!

Next, make sure you have a thick leash. Attach the leash to the dog and begin walking on a trail or favorite sidewalk.

That's it! Its easy and you won't forget to do it because the BADM won't let you. It has a built in timer AND it brings the leash to you. All you have to do is walk out the door. The BADM gives you great exercise by pulling you at a speedy pace, forcing you to walk faster, thus making your heart-rate go up and your body to burn fat.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

Well, let me just say that feeding the BADM is necessary and can be costly, depending on the kind of fuel you choose. Choose wisely, as the Knight Templar said to Indiana Jones.

Also, you have to give the BADM love and attention frequently because it tends to shut down and can become depressed. Love your BADM and it will bring you joy and a smaller waistline.

So, there you have it. New, fun, yet totally authentic. Be-A-Dog-Master. Go get one today!


Dana Sieben is currently residing in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and two children. She writes about her family, her Southern heritage, and her new life up north with a bit of humor and nostalgia.

In addition to being a member of various writing forums, Dana has also been published in USA Deep South, Long Story Short and Muscadine Lines A Southern Journal. She is a member of SouthernHumorists.com and a contributing writer to Dew on the Kudzu, a Southern web journal, and Weight-LossArticles.com.

Dana can be reached at Bama Alum or at her blog, southerngalgoesnorth.blogspot.com.

For more diet humor articles by Dana, visit Weight- Loss Articles.com, where "Thigh-Master, Move Over" first appeared. (Many thanks!)

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