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Upon One Delta Night
. . . and selected poems by Eddie Edwards Draper

Upon One Delta Night

    The bayou glistens
      reflecting ducks
      the Mississippi Eve-

    A round of clouds
      pass overhead
      unmissed by searching eyes---

    An unheard hush
      that rests the ears
      befalls on summer's night-

    The silent stillness
      needs no crutch
      to hobble on to dawn---

Out On A Limb

    I'm a lonesome
      fallen leaf
      just dropped from
      Mama's tree-

    And as I drift
      this fearsome stream
      avoid the mouth
      of bass and trout-

    I float and bob
      yet prayer my course
      afraid I scamp
      to Destin's shore-

    I pass the fishers
      They stare my veins
      then cast anew-

    I made the second narrow thru
      my second guess - my plight -
      Around the bend
      horizon's wait - no turning back
      I share the current
      and miss you Mom---

Katie's Kitchen Floor

    Katie was a negro lass
      a kinder soul unseen-

    I've shook the hands
      of elite's class
      and dined on chinaware-

    But never have
      I wanted more
      to hear the tales
      on Katie's kitchen floor---

    Two mason jars
    two tattered plates
    A screen where flies flew free-
    An old wood stove
    where cornbread baked
    and yams too good for words---

    And never have
      I wanted more
      to hear the tales
      on Katie's kitchen floor---

    Sundays in the big house
    dressed up to the fine-
    Wisdom was nowhere around
    so we slipped out the door-
    And never have I wanted more
    to hear the tales on Katie's kitchen floor---

Eddie Draper is a native of the Mississippi Delta and is a regular contributor to USADS.
He now lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee, where he is a songwriter and musician.

Write Eddie at Gravel Road Music.


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