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by David Campbell
Happiness is . . .
Happiness is ...
An old ragged pickup, and
a Fiest dog...
Not a liar at a squirrel tree.
A low maintenance wife,
pretty quilt, and a
rocking chair that squeaks.
A buck in the freezer,
rabbits in the garden,
potatoes under the porch,
that you don't have to stick,
tomatoes, a ripening,
an iron skillet, and
stone ground cornmeal.
A pack of soda crackers, and
a can of sardines.
Salted peanuts in a root beer.
Enough wood for the winter,
cut in July.
A clear radio station,
a tin roof,
a loose porch board, and
a job you don't go in to when it rains.

David Campbell lives in southwest Mississippi where he is an instructor and associate director of alumni affairs for a community college. He also writes a column for two weekly newspapers. His short story, "In the Thirteenth Year of the Jonquil," appeared in Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe, an anthology of stories published in August, 2005.

Write David at dcampbell@telepak.net.


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