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~Laws Hill, Mississippi, Fish House~
by Carl Wayne

Robert Frost wrote a poem titled "The Road Not Taken" which ends this way:
"Two roads diverged in a wood and I --
I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference."

That's a good description of a trip a group of us took to the Laws Hill Fish House in Laws Hills, Mississippi, recently. Uncle Aubrey got up the trip for twelve of us. We took two vans. Uncle Aubrey's youngest brother, Junior, drove Uncle Aubrey's van. Any road to Laws Hill, on the northeast end of Sardis Reservoir, is a road less traveled by, but well worth the trip. Junior drove the lead van, got lost twice and stopped to ask directions another time. (Uncle Aubrey says Junior was so ugly when he was born, their daddy had to make their momma nurse him.)

We drove to Laws Hill south on highway 309, then east on highway 4 to Galena, then south on a country road to Laws Hills. You can get there off highway 310 which runs off highway 7 between Holly Springs and Oxford.

The Laws Hill Fish House was a little crowded, so there was a short wait. Junior had called ahead to tell them we were coming. (The phone number is 662-252-1500.) We were seated in a few minutes. We noted one family had brought their own bag of fresh catfish to be cooked there. We were happy to learn this is not a requirement.

Not only do they have catfish fillets and whole catfish and shrimp fried in peanut oil, you can also order them grilled with Cajun spices, which Junior did. I asked the waitress if she had crab legs, but she said: "No, just a touch of arthritis."

Uncle Aubrey showed us what Laws Hill hors d'oeuvre are, making himself a cracker with ketchup. Junior did him one better with a cracker with mayonnaise and black pepper, which I have to admit was real tasty. The Fish House provides its own hors d'oeuvre. They serve everyone hush puppies with a nice bite, white beans, and a relish. You could fill up on just that.

Service was prompt and friendly. Servings were generous. All the selections we had were done perfectly. The fried catfish had the right contrast of a crispy outside and a moist tender inside. And prices were very reasonable.

I enjoy trying a new local catfish restaurant, and this one more than met my expectations. I plan to return soon, even if Junior is driving the lead van.

Aint God good!


Carl Wayne tells us about himself:
"I write gardening articles for the Collierville, Tennessee, Independent, the Southaven, Mississippi, Press, and Desoto Magazine, all from a Southern perspective. I point out the correct pronunciation of ants (aints) and peonies (peOnies) and advise always to plant hydrangeas on the north side of the house. I've been in software development forty years, the last twenty with a large overnight express delivery company. I have taught computer science as adjunct faculty at local universities over twenty-five years. We have a small farm in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, where we raise a large garden with my in-laws. My in-laws were there when the REA strung the first electric wires in that area. They were killing hogs. That night for supper they had liver and lights."

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