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Hi-Ball, The Coon Dog
~i.e. "my garbage disposal"~

by Anne McKee

I shall never forget the excitement the day my husband entered the back door with the shout of, “Come and see what I have gotten for you!” My answer was, “Well, what is it?” I shouted this above the clamor of the noise of the dishwasher and microwave oven. Again my husband repeated, this time even louder, “Come and see. It’s something you have been wanting!”........

NOTE FROM YE EDITOR: And so goes Anne McKee's story about Hi-Ball, a most fabulous dog. Alas, this story has been bought for publication and must be removed from our pages.

But here are two more wonderful dog stories at USADEEPSOUTH. Check the articles lists for more!
A Eulogy for my Dog by Frank DiGianni
One Good Turn by Jim Colasanti


Anne McKee, weekly columnist for The Meridian Star, is a native Mississippian with a penchant for southern humor. She also writes for Meridian Plus Magazine where she is a feature writer and Editor of the “Fifty Plus Page.” Her works have been featured on “The Commentaries Program” for Mississippi Public Broadcasting, Radio. She is a speechwriter with her most recent speech for Miss Rodeo Mississippi, 2006. Anne is a founding executive board member of The Mississippi Writers Guild. Read her feature article in the September/October, 2006 issue of Mississippi Magazine.

Read more of Anne’s work at these sites:
~~ authorsden.com/annebmckee
~~ Mississippi Writers Guild
~~ Meridian Plus Online
~~ Meridian Star


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