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CORA J. MORACE, Louisiana author

From Morace's book titled COCODRIE:

The brilliance of multi-colored lights bounced through the night, strobing eerily through the pine trees in regular patterns that were muted by the large amounts of floodlights that also shone on the area. Uniformed personnel from a dozen various law enforcement agencies had been on the site for many hours now, soon it would be dawn.

Their vans and ambulances were joined by marked and unmarked official cars covering the sparse yard and extending down both sides of the mountain ridge. Yellow tape flagged between trees and formed a flimsy barrier to the grim ground behind it. Radios barked orders with disembodied voices and grating static. Men were everywhere, trained professionals, carefully excavating, it seemed, every inch of the stretch of brutal ground.

Here's more about Cora J. Morace’s book, COCODRIE. [ISBN:1-59286-984-X -- PublishAmerica (November 2003)]

Take a walk in the dark dangerous swamp. Read this novel to travel through generations of a unique people and wildlife as they struggle to survive the onslaught of progress.

COCODRIE by C. J. Morace has been hailed as "a wonderful narrative..." "authentic and gripping..." "a place and a story that stays with you. This book is currently rated with five stars on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Publish America sites, and is the recipient of wonderful press from The Concordia Sentinel. Read the article at Concordia Sentinel. Order COCODRIE from PublishAmerica, Amazon Books, and Barnes and Noble online.


C. J. Morace is also the author of APPALACHIA. [ISBN:0-9748962-3-3 -- Behler Publications (February 2005)]

Evil lived in the misty tops of the Appalachian Mountains. Chilling brutality of a demented serial killer and the demonic rituals of his madness were hidden from the world for 40 years atop the granite pinnacles of forbidden mountain range.

In a valley of these mountains, two boys grew up sharing the poignant experiences of backwoods youth. Davie Cole and Linn Taylor were naive witnesses to the dying days of their Appalachian culture, innocently unaware of the devil incarnate in their midst. This was the time when the mountain soul suffered and was driven to near extinction.

The tragic conclusion to that way of life which finally pulled the friends apart -- away from their beloved Appalachian mountains and each other. Then years later, when fate brings them together, once more on the mountaintop, everything they believed about their lives becomes suddenly disproved in the discovery of an ironic secret kept for decades.

And the friends face a life and death struggle to end the long reign of horror in Appalachia.

APPALACHIA is available through Amazon Books or Barnes and Noble.


Cora Jeanne Morace was born in Northern Kentucky and transplanted to Louisiana in the late 1960's. She is involved in art, radio, newspapers, Beagling, training and riding horses, hunting, gardening and writing.

She writes: “Currently my husband Ray and I own and operate a small garden center in Vidalia, Louisiana. I am also a licensed landscape contractor. I find writing fulfilling and I practice perfecting my wordcraft for the sake of my own enjoyment.

“The first book, Cocodrie, was written about the unique area that was my husband's birthplace. It is my effort to preserve the memory of a wild untamed swamp and the people who lived there. The second book is closer to home for me and was inspired by my contact with the people of the Kentucky hills as a young adult.”

Visit Morace’s web site: CLICK HERE


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