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To the Co-Op
by Eva Braswell

Eva writes: “I wonder if USADS readers remember before there was electricity here in the South?”

There’s no more fumbling in the dark
For match, a lamp to light,
And no more flashlight cells to buy
To check the babes at night
You list to music or a play,
Or weather, or the news,
You’ve ice cubes and a storage place
To end food-spoilage blues.

Just plug a cord or turn a switch
To iron, wash or cook;
(To Great-grandmother, this would seem
Just like a story book).
And as we add equipment new,
We’ll use it every place,
‘Twill pump and heat our water, too,
And shave my husband’s face.

We’ll have a freezer for our foods,
A television set,
A new dishwasher, sweeper, and
Bed-blankets, you can bet.
‘Twill milk the cows and hatch the chicks
Keep water fresh for all,
And in the shop, ‘twill always be
At mankind’s beck and call.

Here’s to the co-op, may it stay
Forever true and strong
May heaven bless the happiness
That you have passed along.

1950, Eva M. Braswell


Eva wrote to USADEEPSOUTH:
“I wrote only poems, totaling nearly 400, (with a few opinion essays) until writing my book, Little Willie of Yesteryear. Numerous verses and essays were published over the years, although comparatively few were submitted. I enjoyed writing Little Willie because my husband and I both lived many of the incidents contained therein. We are in our eighties, married for 61 years.”

Write Eva at this e-mail address.

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