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The Bride of Frankenstein
Sculpture by Floyd Shaman
article by Beth Boswell Jacks

[Note: This wonderful man has died with cancer. He is greatly missed, but no doubt his amazing sense of humor is livening up the other dimension of life. This article was written in 2003.]

Floyd Shaman, Mississippi Delta sculptor, is a clever fellow--not only because he was able to snag his delightful wife, Molly, but also because he creates the most wonderful wooden sculptures that are so infused with humor that viewers are left Cheshire faced.

Shaman’s latest creation is called “The Bride of Frankenstein.” Here’s how he describes his inspiration for the Bride:

The Bride of Frankenstein, as you may know, was one of the all time great movies of my youth. I chuckle when I think of some crazy bugger putting together a woman out of spare parts, so that is the way I approached her. She has Nancy Sinatra boots that were made for walking, and since her hair looked like a bike rider’s helmet on backwards, I just gave her a little bike outfit. The chair is quite tasteful with pink hearts all over it.”

“Hey, Floyd,” I said, “what’s she made of?”

Bride is made of wood (white pine),” said he, “and she’s painted and varnished. She also has glass eyes and holds that lovely cloth. Very bridal.”

Where can you see the Bride “in person”?

The gal is going to Hot Springs to Taylor's Contemporanea, Inc., a gallery located at 201 Exchange Street, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Zip is 71901 and telephone number is (501) 624-0516--just in case any USADEEPSOUTH readers want to inquire about her or any of Shaman’s other zany wooden sculptures presently residing there.

“I have many other sculptures at Taylor’s in Hot Springs,” said Shaman. “Big Shoe, Snake Table, Annie Oakley, The Waiting Room, Moving Day, Gabriel, Wooden Rubber Chicken With Ice Skates and more.”

If you readers are in the area, don’t miss ‘em--or visit Floyd’s studio in Cleveland, Mississippi, to see how he does what he does. You'll be intrigued, I promise.

Talk to Floyd by E-mailing him at shaman@dixie-net.com.

To view more of these fascinating sculptures, please visit the World Art site and click on the links under Floyd's name. Also, be sure to check out Molly's fabulous Bed and Breakfast.


Editor of USADEEPSOUTH, Beth Boswell Jacks is a freelance personal essay/humor columnist for a number of Southern newspapers. Author of two books, Jacks has also published over forty stories and poems in magazines and literary journals. She may be reached at bethjacks@hotmail.com.

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