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          Getting Older
          by Eva Braswell

          Long ago and far away
          Within my memory
          Lives a darling little girl,
          Our daughter, don’t you see.
          Her pictures help my reverie,
          (How fast the years have flown!)
          Her every gain was dear to me,
          For long-since she is grown.
          Long ago and far away,
          At two, she sang whole songs!
          And then one day in early fall,
          Her brother came along.

          His pictures, too, I scan with pride,
          Remembering the best,
          And thankful for both little ones
          To fill our humble nest.
          He, too, was quite a lovely child
          (So soon to manhood grew).
          Each upward step, of course I gloat
          As only mothers do.
          Long ago and far away
          ‘Twas only yesteryear;
          They looked to me to be their guide
          And kiss away each tear.

          Long ago and far away,
          So precious is that time;
          But now it is another day,
          Another joy is mine!
          New little ones are ‘most as dear,
          (As joyful to enfold),
          Grandchildren are God’s compensate
          For our growing old!

          Written, October, 1974


Eva M Braswell is the author of a book titled Little Willie of Yesteryear which answers the question: “How did your great-grandparents live?” The book may be ordered from any online bookstore or direct from PublishAmerica.com. The book’s ISBN number is #1-59129=827-X.

Eva wrote to USADEEPSOUTH:
“I have written nearly 400 poems and essays over the years . . . I enjoyed writing Little Willie because my husband and I both lived many of the incidents contained therein. We are in our eighties, married for 61years.”

Write Eva at this e-mail address.


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