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Bourbon Street

This street is a wordly sight,
Open twenty-four hours,
Especially wild at night.
Lots of tee shirt shops,
Tourists everywhere,
Money drops by the handfuls,
Music plays all day,
Whiskey, women, beer everywhere.
Bourbon Street is a world of its own,
The favorite one in N'Awlins.
Leather, lace some savor,
Bourbon Street goes on forever.


Summer Heat in Louisiana

All the streets burn,
Humidity hits at dawn.
The sun shines in all its fury.
Heat waves go on and on past dusk,
Hot sweat pours from your brow,
It's summer in Louisiana now.


Caring in "The Big Easy"

People are caring for the storm survivors,
Tears of love are shown by hugging neighbors.
Care is given with words and deeds of support.
Nature has given us no mercy in New Orleans,
"The Big Easy" is often called the city care forgot.
National Guard troops showed us dignity and concern with water and food,
International troops patroled our city,
Soldiers were our saviors.
I survived the storm.
Caring and hope saved the people of New Orleans, Louisiana --
Politics failed us, but we are proud Americans,
Survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

Darby Diana Beattie writes:
"I am a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. I was born in the French Quarter, two blocks from Bourbon Street. I started writing when I was a homeless female veteran. A lot of my poems have to do with life experience. Also, I write children's poetry. I write to share with the world. My favorite poet is Robert Frost. I am a disabled female veteran diagnosed with PTSD, a Hurricane Katrina survivor now living in Tucson, Arizona. I am working on a manuscript about the devastation of Katrina. More of my poetry may be found at A Southern Journal."

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