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~~Mississippi Delta Artists~~

In search of something to keep them busy during the slow winter months of farming, two Mississippi Delta men, Dudley Pleasants of Greenwood and John Sabin of Carroll County started a manufacturing venture creating bottle trees. The business, The Bottle Tree Man, is growing quickly.

Slaves from the Congo in Africa brought the idea of the traditional bottle trees -- live trees with colored bottles on the ends of branches -- into this country. Bottle trees protected the homes from evil spirits by trapping spirits inside the bottles, where they could do no harm.

I remember their being around tenant houses everywhere when I was a kid, said Pleasants, who grew up on a farm near Minter City.

The bottle trees disappeared as bulldozers razed emptied tenant houses as farming mechanized and became less dependent on a human work force. Today, the bottle trees of Sabin and Pleasants, reincarnated, sprout from steady metal bases and branches that end in colored bottles.

Pleasants first saw a metal bottle tree when visiting a friend who had one constructed from concrete reinforcing rods. The idea of welding his own version appealed to Pleasants, who also makes iron crosses and pot racks. He made a bottle tree for his own courtyard and for family members prior to his business venture.

Pleasants and Sabin work well together, with Sabin in charge of the manufacturing of the products while Pleasants handles the sales side. Pleasants feels honored to be in business with an artist as talented as Sabin.

When The Bottle Tree Man started, the two men decided to offer the total package: trees, bottles and lights. The company offers a bottle bush, a bottle tree and a bottle fence.

The Bottle Bush stands about three feet tall. It has 20 branches. The Bottle Tree stands about five feet tall -- also with twenty branches. The Bottle Fence stands three feet tall and comes in five foot lengths. Only the bottle tree can be enhanced with white lights. The company offers bottles for the bush, tree and fence.

To view the products and a price list, please visit the website at TheBottleTreeMan.com.


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