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by Bonnie Bruton Horton

          As I have just barely had time to realize the summer solstice,
          I see influence already in the slant of light late in the afternoon.
          The sun no longer beats straight down in a constant noon pose,
          But gently curves through the dusty leaves of the cotton,
          Revealing the wilt of summer drought on the trusting plants.

          The silvery, watery heat waves shimmer over the landscape,
          Deceptive, cruel, remindful of cool water and damp roots,
          But only offering heat and thirst with no relief to share.
          The limp, dusty plants just sit there numbly, unbelieving
          That the promising spring just left us with no options for thriving.

          The cypress take on a brittle, lifeless appearance
          As they thrust their roots deeper into primal mud,
          Revealing their cynicism in their rusty, coarse fronds.
          Suffering, but confident, they look stoically at the annual plants,
          Seeing what only those who learn to “dig deep and wait” ever see.

          Life is not a season; it is season after season after season,
          Which one must learn to cling to tenaciously for survival.
          Of course, the light is different now; and soon it will shift again.
          The only survival is being ready to shift shapes and remember
          To hold tightly to the basic ooze which is the primal source.

About Bonnie Horton

Bonnie Horton's poetry and short stories have appeared in TAPESTRY (DSU Division of Languages and Literature art-literary magazine) and other magazines and journals. A member of the English Department faculty at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi, she is a Mississippi Delta native.

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